Aston Martin Trademarks Varekai – is it For a New Lagonda?


Aston Martin has trademarked the ‘Varekai’ name in the United Kingdom and Canada, which could potentially appear under its Lagonda luxury cars marque.

The British automaker filed to reserve the Varekai name in the UK and Canada on March 6th, 2018, and also filed for the name in Lebanon, oddly, on September 6th, 2017. It’s filed as a Class 12 trademark, which is for “passengers cars, racing cars and parts therefor.”

In this case, we think Varekai is a passenger car. More specifically, we think it’s the name of the next production car to fall under Aston Martin’s Lagonda brand. In the Romani language, Varekai means “anywhere” or “wherever” which is the perfect name for a comfortable luxury car. Additionally, Aston Martin filed a trademark in the UK for the Lagonda ‘O’ logo that was shown alongside the Lagonda Vision Concept in Geneva this month. The filing was made on March 6th – the same day the Varekai filing was made.

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It’s possible Varekai is the name of the pure electric, self-driving luxury tourer that Lagonda is hoping to bring to market by 2021. It’s also plausible that Varekai is reserved for the mid-engine car Aston Martin is currently working on, which will pair the electric portion of the Aston Martin Valkyrie’s powertrain with an internal combustion engine. It would make sense, giving Aston a four-strong lineup of sporty ‘v’ cars: the Vanquish, Vantage, Varekai and Valkyrie.

There’s one final possibility to consider: a Lagonda SUV. Lagonda showed an ugly and ill-received SUV concept simply called the Lagonda Concept back in 2009, which was subsequently shelved. The idea was revived some years later, however, with rumors surfacing in 2013 that a Lagonda or Aston SUV could come about thanks to a partnership with Mercedes-Benz. The “anywhere” meaning behind Varekai is also very fitting for an SUV.

Varekai seems to be an appropriate fit for both Lagonda and Aston Martin, so we’ll have to wait and see what it has planned for the newly acquired trademark. For now, feel free to let us know what you think it could be for in the comments.


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