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by AutoGuide.com Staff

Fans of the iconic Ford Mustang now have more ways to show off their favorite emblem—and win some personalized Ford Mustang gear. Here’s how.

Using the new Ford Mustang Personalizer, fans can personalize the pony, and rep their badge with pride by having it printed on t-shirts, hoodies—even Otter cellphone cases. Fans can also personalize and create their own Mustang emblem that will fit the grille of any 2015-2018 Mustang.

Enter our contest here for your chance to win one of two prize packs featuring your personalized mug, t-shirt and emblem; or one of five personalized t-shirts emblazoned with your pony badge.

And search Ford Mustang on Facebook to Personalize the Pony and create your own pony badge now.

Here’s how our editors have personalized their pony badges and the stories behind them.

Jodi Lai, Editor-in-Chief

My parents used to have a second-gen green Mustang that they took on epic road trips when they were younger. The Ford Mustang has such a rich history and I thought it would be important to draw from that and pay homage to my parents, who bought a Mustang when they first immigrated to North America. It was a very important step for them when they were setting up their lives here. Highland Green is just such an iconic color, so I wanted to use it for my logo. Also, I can’t mention a Highland Green Mustang without mentioning Steve McQueen, and he’s a boss that I get a lot of inspiration from. I also wanted to make the horse look like it was running because speed is what muscle cars are all about.

Create your own pony badge here.

Sebastien Bell, News Editor

I chose my design for the only acceptable reason: racing stripes make cars faster. Why was the original Mustang such a success? Why did the GT win at Le Mans? Was it the years of engineering? The collected expertise of the best people in their field? Luck? No, it was the racing stripes. If stickers add ten horsepower, stripes add victory. Add to that the fact that white and blue make the classic, dare I say correct, Mustang livery and you have a horse more suited to victory than Secretariat.

Sami Haj-Assaad, Road Test Editor

For mine, I went in two directions. First I grabbed the color that best represents the 2018 Mustang: Triple Yellow. The new model just pops in this color and it makes sense why Ford uses this color so often to promote the new car. To contrast that though, I mixed it with one of the best paint finishes the Mustang has ever had: Grabber Blue, which debuted in 1970 with a few other Grabber Colors like Green and Orange. I mixed it up to showcase the feelings of speed and freedom that comes with the Mustang, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Create your own pony badge here.

Sam McEachern, News Editor

The colors and design I chose for my Mustang design represent my favorite part about Ford: its rich racing heritage. I went with the black, white and red color scheme, which is a nod to the Ford GT40 that won the 1967 24 Hours of Le Mans in the hands of Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt. This pattern conveys the twisting turns of the iconic Circuit de la Sarthe where Le Mans is held each year. The scheme and its colors are also a tribute to American road racing in general – something that quite simply wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for participation from both Ford and the Ford Mustang.

Craig Cole, Detroit Bureau Editor

The colors I chose for my personalized pony badge are significant, at least to me. Not only do Lightning Blue and Shadow Black go together nicely, they represent something bigger. My personal car is actually a 2017 Mustang EcoBoost (of course I got the manual transmission!) and it’s painted the former of these two hues. Rich, saturated and deep, it’s close to the ideal blue, looking dynamite on the S550’s beautifully proportioned body. As for black, my other car is dressed in this shade. While not a daily driver, it also happens to be a Ford, from the 1936 vintage. At 82 years young, my restored V8 sedan is a pleasure to drive, which I do at every opportunity.

Create your own pony badge here.

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