Pininfarina Teases Another Model it Designed for a Chinese Automaker

The all-electric K350 crossover will make its debut at the 2018 Beijing Motor Show.

Designed by Pininfarina for China’s Hybrid Kinetic Group, the K350 is a new four-seater SUV that joins the K550 and K750 in Hybrid Kinetic’s lineup. The crossover will debut alongside the H500 sedan, which was previously teased earlier this week.

According to Pininfarina, the K350 is the most compact SUV in Hybrid Kinetic’s range, allowing it to feature perfect proportions, well-placed volumes on the wheels, and a robust and athletic body. Both the K350 and H500’s electric powertrains promise to deliver leading edge technology developed by Hybrid Kinetic.

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It’s unclear which of the recent concepts Hybrid Kinetic and Pininfarina are planning to take to production, but the H600 sedan and the limited-edition H2 Speed supercar will be produced. Look for more details on the H500 and K350 when they make their debut in Beijing on April 25.

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