Porsche, Audi Raided by Authorities Over Diesel Cheating

Porsche, Audi Raided by Authorities Over Diesel Cheating

German prosecutors conducted a large-scale raid at a number of Porsche and Audi premises as part of its investigation into the illegal emissions software that was allegedly used in VW Group diesel engines.

According to local authorities in Stuttgart, about 10 different buildings in the Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg regions of Germany were raided by about 160 officials this week. These included both Porsche head offices in Stuttgart and sister brand Audi’s headquarter’s a short distance away in Ingolstadt.

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The raids targeted a top Porsche executive and VW Group board member, along with an individual who no longer works at Porsche. Authorities said the raids are tied to an investigation into the German sports car maker over suspicions of fraud and false advertising. Officials believe Audi and Porsche fitted its 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine with an engine software intended to mislead regulators into thinking the vehicles emitted less C02 than they actually did.

Porsche confirmed the raids in a statement made to Reuters, but declined to comment further. German authorities also raided VW’s headquarters in Wolfsburg last month has part of the ongoing probe into the German automotive giant. Raids such as these are not uncommon at VW Group offices within Germany, and will likely continue until the automaker fully rids itself of individuals involved in the diesel scandal.

[Source: Reuters]

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