April 19, 2018
| On 4 years ago

The Best Car Detailing Kits You Can Buy Right Now

In anticipation of the first car cleaning of the season, be prepared by getting those car cleaning supplies. Here are the best car detailing kits we could find.

There is a lot involved in the car detailing regimen, many of which go beyond just shampooing the exterior of your car. There are waxes to use, polish cloths, and even interior shampoos and conditioners. Knowing which ones are right for your vehicle can be confusing. Inexpensive soaps can actually be harsh on the finish of a car, damaging that showroom shine everybody longs for.

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Choosing a car cleaning kit is an easy way to cover all the detailing essentials. Many take the guesswork out of what supplies you need to properly detail a vehicle while packaging them in a bucket or washbasin. They can be more cost-effective than piecing together cleaning supplies individually. There is also the added benefit of using products from the same manufacturer. Their products often complement one another, maximizing the clean your vehicle gets.


One of the most recommended brands in the detailing industry is Meguiar’s. Their suite of products consistently ranks among the best for cleaning results and quality product. Available in Essential, Complete, and Ultimate varieties, this car care kit is all-inclusive and, in our opinion, one of the best car detailing kits. Car shampoos are gentle on your vehicle’s finish and include natural waxes to boost finish in a single application.

If you have your own bucket, and you’re looking for a starter kit to bring your car to a showroom shine, consider Griot’s Garage Starter Car Care kit. Biodegradable soap is formulated to be safe on all paint applications. It features a unique paint cleaning clay that removes stains and contaminants regular shampooing won’t. There’s also a handy speed shine solution for those quick touch-ups between washes.

For an exhaustive list of cleaning supplies, when cost is no issue, there is the Adam’s Essentials Car Detailing kit. Don’t be fooled by the name; this isn’t an essential style kit, it’s truly one of the best car detailing kits we’ve seen. From shampoos to waxes, buffing pads, vinyl, rubber cleaner and everything in between, this is better described as the ultimate amateur detailing kit. Everything comes contained in a large, sealable bucket, which helps keep sponges from collecting garage dust.

Not every car owner will be satisfied with their standard hose pressure for washing. Or, some pressure washers may be too powerful to wash, potentially damaging paint or paint finish. However, high-pressure spray assists cleaning stuck on materials like bird droppings and tree sap. For this, Chemical Guys has you covered with their Foam Blaster kit. Their blaster fits any standard garden hose and includes their famous Citrus Wash & Gloss shampoo, in addition to standard washing supplies.

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