Porsche Taycan Name to be Applied to Production Mission E

The Porsche Taycan name has been given to the production version of the Mission E electric sedan.  Porsche CEO Oliver Blume revealed the Taycan name has been sidelined for its Tesla Model S competitor at Porsche’s 70th anniversary celebration on Friday. The Taycan name, in case you were wondering, means a “lively, young horse.”  This could potentially be a reference to the black horse that adorns Porsche’s iconic shield badge.

The Taycan, which will be an electric four-seater sedan, will begin to arrive at dealerships in 2019. The vehicle has been previewed by two concepts, the original Mission E sedan and the brawnier Mission E Cross Turismo wagon, and will mark Porsche’s first foray into pure electric production vehicles. The German automaker alleges battery electric vehicles will account for nearly a quarter of its sales by 2025.

Rumors indicate the most expensive version of the Taycan will have around 600 hp on tap, enabling a 0-62 mph of under 3.5s, and will boast a driving range of around 311 miles, or 500 kilometers. Less powerful versions with around 400 hp and 530 hp are expected to arrive as well. The electric four-door will also feature 800V fast charging.

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Porsche has committed to installing over 500 charging stations at various locations across the US in anticipation of the Taycan’s arrival. Many of the charging stations will be located at Porsche dealers, but the automaker is also looking at having them installed at locations its owners frequent, such as golf courses and hotels.

It’s not yet clear when the production-ready Porsche Taycan will make its official debut, but we’re expecting it to debut sometime late this year or in early 2019.

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