Bugatti Divo is One Expensive Way to Have a Track Day

Sam McEachern
by Sam McEachern

Named after famed Bugatti test driver, Albert Divo—and not the homophonic band—the Divo is Bugatti’s latest offering to the hypercar world.

Based on the Chiron, with the same quad-turbo, 1,500 hp, 8.0-liter W16, the Divo shows off some unique new coach work, all designed to make the car lighter and faster around a corner.

At which it all succeeds. By omitting stowage compartments and reducing the amount of insulation (not mention installing a lighter radio) the Divo weighs nearly 80 lbs less than the Chiron.

Thanks to that big wing, the enormous fin, and more, the Divo produces nearly 200 lbs more downforce than the Chiron.

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Along with the increased camber (which brings the top speed down to 236 mph) that means that the DIvo can generate 1.6 G of lateral acceleration (as opposed to the 1.5 G generated by the Chiron).

That may not sound like much, but along with the 2.4-second-to-62 acceleration figure, means that the Divo is 8 seconds a lap faster around the 1.7-mile Nardo handling circuit than the Chiron.

And all that for the low, low price of 5 million Euros. Although all the money couldn’t get you a Divo right now, because all 40 have already sold, according to Bloomberg. So get ready to pay more in a couple of months for a Divo from an auction house.

A version of this story originally appeared on VW Vortex.

Sam McEachern
Sam McEachern

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