Lexus LX600 Planned as New Range Topping SUV

Lexus could be winding up for a new, more powerful version of its range-topping SUV.

At least, that’s what a recent American trademark filing from Toyota’s luxury division suggests.

The current LX570 is biggest and oldest of Lexus’ large lineup of SUVs and crossovers. This current generation arrived for the 2008 model year, and received its most recent facelift in 2015. Sharing its body-on-frame platform with the Toyota Land Cruiser, it’s one of the few remaining true SUVs on sale.

That makes this filing all the more curious. A bump in displacement to a nice, round 6.0L, up from the current, 383hp 5.7L engine, could be part of the product plan. Then again, badges that accurately depict the engine size are so 2010s. Instead of a bigger, naturally-aspirated engine, the LX600 is likely to draw power from the twin-turbo V8 Lexus is rumored to be working on. Either way, the lack of an “h” suggests this won’t pack a hybrid drivetrain.

Another possibility is the Lexus LX600 could be the start of a whole new generation. Toyota hasn’t hinted at one, nor the Land Cruiser, but they’re both the oldest models in the brands’ lineups (other than the Tundra). It could even herald a different approach for the model: Lexus hinted earlier this year that it’s having an “active conversation” about an F-badged high-rider. SUVs with an emphasis on the S are market gold these days — and a hot Lexus LX600 could even find itself on the list of top 10 most expensive SUVs.

When we’ll see the LX600 is a whole other mystery. It could show up at next week’s Tokyo Motor Show, or well into next year. We’ll keep our eyes out.

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