Polestar O2 Concept is a Top-Down Electric Stunner

Kyle Patrick
by Kyle Patrick
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polestar o2 concept is a top down electric stunner

No production plans, but the EV roadster could slot in as the new halo model for the brand.

You know what there aren’t enough of in the automotive realm? All-electric convertibles. Polestar has shown off just such a thing with the O2 Concept, a stunning droptop EV that could preview a new range-topper for the upstart brand.

As that name suggests, the O2 is about the open-air experience, with four seats in a footprint that looks about the size of a Porsche 911. It rides atop an adapted version of the bonded aluminum platform from last year’s Precept concept. That car previewed the 2024 Polestar 5 sedan, the brand’s Taycan competitor. The O2 adopts that car’s design language, a sharper, more distinctive look that puts clear air between the current Polestar lineup and its Volvo sibling.

polestar o2 concept is a top down electric stunner

Clean surfaces, pinched hips, and ultra-slim lighting elements carry over, while the O2 deploys a unique folding hardtop. The two-panel setup includes large glass sections, so even when running in coupe form, the O2 will let in a fair amount of sunlight. And when it’s down, well, just look at that profile. Real supercar stuff.

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Rounding off the styling is a set of four-spoke wheels—the hardest number of spokes to make look good—and an ice-cool blue paint.

polestar o2 concept is a top down electric stunner

Inside, the O2 continues to mirror the Precept, with a squared-off, two-spoke steering wheel and thin dashboard design. A small, cowl-less instrument panel display sits atop the steering column, while a large portrait-orientation touchscreen handles infotainment duty. Polestar touts its dedication to sustainability, and to that end, it’s used what it calls a mono-material; a base material to then craft all the soft components found inside the O2. In this case, recycled polyester is used for foam, knit fibers, adhesives, and laminations. Polestar says this not only improves recycling, but reduces weight too.

polestar o2 concept is a top down electric stunner

Does this sound all a little too down-to-Earth? A little too rational? How about a built-in autonomous drone to capture footage of your drive? Yep, the O2 includes a four-rotor drone built in collaboration with Hoco Flow. The drone deploys from the rear deck at speeds up to 56 mph (90 km/h), thanks to an aerofoil that automatically raises to shield it from buffeting. Drivers can select from action or atmospheric shots, and then edit the footage straight from the infotainment screen.

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polestar o2 concept is a top down electric stunner

Polestar didn’t release any performance figures for the O2, and hasn’t commented on any production intent. The brand’s lineup will double in the next two years: the original Polestar 1 is heading out of production, but the mid-sized 3 SUV will arrive this year, followed by the Polestar 4 in 2023. The Precept-like 5 sedan will then debut in 2024. Here’s hoping a production version of the O2 isn’t too far behind.

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