Trademarks For The Cadillac Celestiq Could Give Hints To Future Trim Levels

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

The hyper-expensive Cadillac Celestiq EV just got a little less mysterious.

GM recently filed a series of trademarks, all of them using the Celestiq moniker. Could this be a preview of trim levels for the $300,000 super EV sedan? Maybe. The Celestiq will be Cadilac’s new flagship; a hand-made, limited production, and hyper-expensive EV sedan. Far different than the more reasonably priced options coming soon.

Originally posted by the Silverado EV forum, it found four trademarks for monikers; Celestiq Magnetic, Celestiq Aurora, Celestiq Vale, and Celestiq Mist. These potential trim levels are less obvious as to what price and prestige levels they signify. Still, if we were to guess, we’d probably say that Mist is the lowest trim, and the Oldsmobile-aping Aurora, probably slotting at the top.

The Celestiq was shown in what GM says is a pre-production concept from a few weeks ago. The actual production model, which Cadillac says won’t change too much from what we’ve seen, hasn’t been seen yet. Underneath, the Celestiq will use the GM Ultium platform and batteries, but power, range, and battery size haven’t been revealed yet. The Cadillac Celestiq is expected to reach production for the 2025 model year.

Now, this is all speculation. There is a real possibility that the monikers don’t have anything to do with trim levels at all. But, the trademarks for Celestiq Vale, Mist, Aurora, and Magnetic do exist. We should know more about the Cadillac Celestiq as we get closer to its release date.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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