2024 GMC Sierra EV Debuts With 754 Horsepower In Denali Trim

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

The GMC Sierra EV is more than a simple badge job, that’s for sure.

Today, GMC took the wraps off its 2024 production intent GMC Sierra EV, shown here in Denali One trim. Although riding on the same Ultium platform as the Chevy Silverado EV, there’s actually quite a bit of differentiation between the two vehicles.

The 2024 GMC Sierra EV is similar to Silverado EV, but there are a few differences. They have a lot of the same features, like the Ultium platform roots, and the bed-to-cabin passthrough reminiscent of the forgone Chevy Avalanche from years ago. Yet, the styling and some of the design considerations for the Sierra EV have distanced it from its Chevy twin, arguably more than the traditional gas models. Inside and out, the GMC Sierra EV appears to share little visually with its Chevy platform mate.

Shown here in the top-trim Sierra Denali Edition 1 trim, the top-of-the-line truck should go on sale first; a counter to Chevy’s plan to focus on delivering basic W/T trims of the Silverado EV at launch.

The Sierra EV is powered by a twin-motor setup, giving the truck AWD and 754 horsepower, and 784 ft/lbs of torque. A battery of unknown size (GMC is hush-hush on the exact size of the battery) can send the Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 on a claimed range of 640 KM (~400 miles). In “max power” mode, the Sierra EV will scoot from 0-60 in a lighting quick 4.5 seconds. A towing capacity of 9,500lbs is standard on the Sierra Denali Edition 1.

Like its super-truck halo sister vehicle, the GMC Hummer, the Sierra has some of the party tricks, like the ability to crab walk. Four-wheel steering, One-pedal driving, and air suspension (with the ability to raise or lower the truck by two inches) round out the big feature list. Oh, and don’t forget about the class-leading 350 KW DC fast charging ability. With these speeds, GM promises 160 KM (100 miles) in as little as ten minutes. Wow. Even the GMC Sierra EV’s AC charging abilities are respectable, the truck can handle a maximum speed of 19.2 KW, through standard level 2 charging.

Inside, a huge 16.8” touchscreen display controls all radio and HVAC functions, but there are a few hard buttons and switches at the bottom for some functions. A standard 14” head-up display sits in front of the driver, relaying information found from the 11” driver information center.

Like its biggest competitor, the Ford F-150 Lightning, the GMC Sierra EV does have a powered front trunk, dubbed “eTrunk”. It has two drains, and 120V outlets, to power devices from the truck’s energy supply. If you need more power, like, say, to power a home in an emergency, the Sierra can output 10.2 KW via the onboard Power Station Pro.

Pricing isn’t cheap, starting at $109,965, including the $1,695 destination fee. Remember though, the GMC Sierra EV will make its way to dealers in Denali Edition One trim first, meaning it’s a kitted-out luxury truck. In 2025, AT4 and Elevation trims will join the Sierra EV range. Canadians will have to wait until at least the 2025 model year, GM says that initially, the GMC Sierra EV will start off in the US. Canadian availability, specifications, and pricing will be announced at a later date.

The GMC Sierra EV will be built in GM’s Factory Zero in Detroit.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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