Porsche Releases More Details Of Its Macan EV As It Inches Closer To Production

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

We knew the next Porche Macan would go electric, and Porsche has released some tantalizing details on the forthcoming luxo-sports EV crossover.

The Porsche Macan is a great sporty crossover, offering the performance of the legendary Cayenne, in a smaller, cheaper package. But, like most future products at many different automakers, its replacement will be mostly electrified. In Porsche’s case, the 2024 Macan will be fully electric, riding on an entirely new dedicated EV platform co-developed with Audi, dubbed PPE (Premium Platform Electric).

The Macan EV as it stands is still a very early development mule. Prototypes that have been photographed appear to use heavily altered Macan and Cayenne bodyshells, obviously not representative of what the 2024 Macan EV will look like.

Still, Porsche says the Macan EV will max out at 603 horsepower, and 738 ft/lbs of torque, which should make for a seriously swift luxury crossover. Porsche will give the Macan a 100-kilowatt-hour battery, and it aims to beat the Taycan’s already very quick 270 KW DC fast charging rate. Interestingly, Porsche reports that DC fast charging hasn’t harmed battery capacity as much as initially thought, meaning Macan EV owners will have access to 96 to 98 kilowatt-hours of the battery, as the battery buffer will be minimal. Clever packaging via an unusually rearward motor, allowed Porsche engineers to give the Macan EV (and other future PPE platform vehicles) rear-wheel steering.

The Porsche Macan EV will likely be unveiled in mid to late 2023, with sales commencing in early 2024.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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