Next-Generation Chevrolet Equinox Leaked In China; Likely Preview Of US Model

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
next generation chevrolet equinox leaked in china likely preview of us model

The Chinese Chevy Equinox is likely a preview of what we’ll soon get in North America.

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is such a treasure trove of information. Before vehicles go on sale in the Middle Kingdom, they must first go through this regulatory body, and thus, plenty of near-final designs have been essentially leaked early. The Chinese-market Chevrolet Equinox is one of those vehicles. Two very clear pictures of the crossover show off what the next compact is likely to look like for the US and Canadian markets.

Keep in mind this is different from the Equinox EV, which shares a similar name, but nothing else. This gas-powered Equinox will directly replace the current Equinox , which has been on sale since 2017 with only a relatively minor facelift.

From what we can see, the Equinox looks almost like a baby Traverse. The styling is certainly more buxom this time around, with a blockier front and rear end compared to the somewhat curvy style of the current generation. According to the MIIT’s dimensions, the Equinox is only a hair longer at 183.2 inches long (compared to 183.1 inches of the current model) and it rides on the same size wheelbase. That could change though, as bumper and crash regulations between the U.S. and China are different. The MIIT says the Equinox’s power comes from a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine.

next generation chevrolet equinox leaked in china likely preview of us model

The rear of the Equinox looks to fall in line with what we’ve seen from other Chevy crossovers. There’s no full-width taillight bar, but the taillights do scoop down in the same way we’ve seen on the Chevy Trax and Blazer EV.

Now, there may be equipment and mild styling changes from the Chinese version, but it’s likely that what we see here will be very similar to the next Equinox. We expect the gas-powered Equinox to show up in the US after the debut of the EV version, which would be around late 2024.

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