Mercedes E-Class Headlights Teased in Video

Mercedes just released a teaser video chock-full of closeup shots showcasing its new headlight design for the E-Class. 

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2012 Mercedes E-Class Coupe Recalled for Airbag Issue

Mercedes-Benz has issued a recall for its 2012 E-Class Coupe due to a potential fault with its airbag. The recall will effect E350 and E550 coupe models manufactured from April 2nd, 2012 to June 29th, 2012.

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Porsche Pajun Pushed Back to 2017

It’s been a while since we heard anything about the Porsche Pajun, a smaller version of the Panamera that would compete with the Mercedes E-Class or BMW 5 Series, but information is starting to crop up again. 

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Mercedes-Benz E350 Six-Door Limo for Sale

Dead on from the front or the back, it looks like just any other new Mercedes-Benz E-class, but take a look at its profile shot and you will no doubt rub your eyes and have a double-take.

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Why Buy a Diesel Car? Get the Facts, Know Your Options

Price, looks and size… these are the few factors that used to decide what vehicle you’d park in your driveway. Looking for a cheap and small car? A Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic will do. Need something bigger, perhaps a mid-size Hyundai Sonata or an SUV. Things used to be pretty easy.

With increasingly high gas prices and an overall movement towards green, fuel efficient vehicles, fuel economy has become more important. In fact, for many price, looks and size are now completely trumped by fuel economy.

“Buyers just look at the MPG on the sticker,” says IHS Automotive Analyst Devin Lindsay commenting that car buyers are now completely mesmerized by the EPA sticker label.

Take a look at the Toyota Prius, for example. It’s not terribly big, is fairly expensive, and looks… well… weird. But that didn’t stop three million of them from being sold, all thanks to a hybrid gas-electric engine that provides excellent fuel economy.

The Prius isn’t the only option for someone looking for a fuel efficient car, however; especially those in search of a more engaging driving experience. If you want to cut down on trips to the pump, and still drive a fun, powerful, good looking car, your best bet might just be in a diesel powered vehicle. That does mean you’ll almost certainly have to drive German, although a flood of new diesel-powered vehicles are about to hit our shore.

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class 500,000th Unit Produced

Today, Mercedes-Benz produced its 500,000th W212 E-Class at its assembly plant in Sindelfingen, Germany. 

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Mercedes Developing Carbon Fiber E-Class, Targeting 2,900 Lb. Curb Weight

Mercedes is currently developing a super light version of its popular E-Class reports Auto Bild magazine. Through an extensive use of carbon fiber, Mercedes is hoping to shave off an impressive 770-lbs from the current models, targeting a curb weight of under 2,900 lbs. By using a carbon fiber structure, Mercedes will be able to eliminate the B-pillar, possibly creating more radical designs on the popular E-Class chassis.

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Brabus E-Class Cabriolet: World's Fastest And Most Powerful Four-Seater Drop-Top

Brabus is claiming to have built the world’s most powerful and fastest four-seater cabriolet, outfitting Mercedes-Benz‘s E-Class Cabriolet with an 800-hp V12 Biturbo powerplant. The result is a made-to-order E-Class Cabriolet with a price tag of $681,000 (based on today’s conversion rates).

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Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon Coming To North America

North America will be receiving the 2012 Mercedes-Benz E-Class AMG E63 Wagon, according to a leaked dealer order guide. reports the E63 wagon will get the same twin-turbocharged 5.5-litre V8 that debuted in the E63 sedan at last month’s New York Auto Show. The wagon will also get the stop/start technology coupled with a seven speed MCT dual-clutch transmission.

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NHTSA Investigating Mercedes E-Class for Airbags That Fail to Deploy

Federal investigators are looking into faulty airbags on the 2005-06 Mercedes-Benz E-Class luxury sedan. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has said that it has received four complaints regarding a wiring harness in the steering column, that could lead to the aig bags failing to deploy in a front-impact crash. No injuries have been reported. Roughly 100,000 vehicles could be affected.

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Frankfurt 2009: Mercedes-Benz Introduces E-Class Wagon

Mercedes-Benz is expanding its E-Class family of vehicles with a new wagon. Called the Estate in European markets, the wagon will be available with ten different engine options.

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Mercedes E-Class Wagon to Debut at Frankfurt Auto Show

Despite rumors of its delay, Mercedes has confirmed that the E-Class station wagon (or Estate as they call it in Europe) will debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show this September.

Sales of the new E-Class are already off to a strong start says Mercedes with 40,000 units already delivered and U.S. and Chinese deliveries still yet to happen.

“The fact that the E-Class sedan already became the global market leader in May demonstrates how well it is being received by our customers,” said Dr. Klaus Maier, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz. “The new coupe is also extremely popular, thanks to its dynamic design and the new generation of efficient engines. We are very delighted with this positive response because the E-Class has always been of great importance for Mercedes-Benz. It’s an exemplary embodiment of the brand’s basic attributes of safety, comfort, and quality. The new E-Class also sets the standards when it comes to economy in the upper-range segment.”

The E-Class wagon will debut as a 2010 model and like past versions we expect the North American market to receive the E350 4MATIC and 6.2-liter V8-powered E63 AMG model.

Official release after the jump:

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Mercedes E-Class Convertible and Wagon Delayed

Those patiently waiting for a new E-Class Convertible or Wagon will have to wait a little longer. According to a report in Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport both versions of the E-Class have been put on hold as Mercedes-Benz searches for ways to balance its books.

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New 2010 Mercedes E-Class $4,600 Less Than '09 Model

Mercedes will price the all-new 2010 E-Class significantly less than the outgoing model. In fact, the 2010 E350 will retail for just under $50,000 – $49,475 to be exact. That price is $4,600 less than the ’09 E-Class.

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Mercedes Working to Design Cars With 20 Percent Better Aerodynamics

Mercedes-Benz is working to bring a vehicle with a drag coefficient of just 0.20 cd to market by as early as 2015. The company has been hard at work improving the aerodynamic efficiency of its vehicles in an attempt to reduce overall fuel consumption.

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