Ken Block Gymkhana Three, Part 2: If You Do Anything Today, Watch This [video]
The third installment of the Ken Block Gymkhana video series has finally been released, with the rally star showing off just what his new Monster Energy Drink, DC Shoes Ford Fiesta can do. And it’s impressive!

After a sell-out Gymkhana Three, Part 1 (basically a crappy music video), we’re glad to see Block doing what he does best – this time at l’Autodrome de Linas –Montlhéry, an oval track just south of Paris, France. Notable on the track are 51 degree banked turns, more than double the steepness of a NASCAR oval.

It may not be as glamorous as the light bulbs and paint, but Block shows off incredible driving skill performing stunts in incredibly tight spaces and even circling a moving segway.

Now check out the video after the jump:

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Ken Block Takes On AJ Allmendinger In "43 Fiestas" Sweepstakes (Videos Inside)

As part of Ford’s latest Fiesta promotion, Ford is enlisting the help of NASCAR stars Richard Petty and A.J. Allmendinger as well as newly minted rally legend Ken Block.

The contest, called “ 43 Fiestas“,  has Ford giving away 43 flat screen TVs, 43 ticket-and-hotel packages to the Ford NASCAR 400 Sprint Cup race and one specially prepared Ford Fiesta to a lucky winner. However, if Allmendinger wins the race, 43 Fiestas will be given away to all of the grand-prize contestants.

Ford has filmed two videos to promote the contest, and the “competition” video contains a predictable ending, and some poorly delivered lines by Petty. Remember to keep your prejudices in check when watching the video; Allmendinger, despite driving a NASCAR Fusion, has substantial open wheel experience in everything from a Formula Ford to a Champ Car. Block, on the other hand, is a glorified pay driver/marketing figurehead.

Hit the jump to see the official videos

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Ken Block's Gymkhana 3 Part 2 Looks More Promising With One Teased Photo, Debuts 9/14

So after a disappointing part 1 to Ken Block’s long-awaited Gymkhana 3, we’re now teased with a simple photo that could be worth a thousand words, but really only two come to our mind.  Oh ****!  The clever video producers posted up a Craigslist ad of two clearly used Volk Racing TE-37 wheels that sport an unmistakable shade. Clearly Ken Block has taken it up a notch for the upcoming video.

The video is scheduled to show up on September 14th and rumor has it that it was filmed in France utilizing Ken Block’s Rally Ford Fiesta. We just worry that our expectations are going to be so high that we’ll be disappointed, but seeing what mayhem caused the result of these wheels and what’s left of a shredded tire is sure to be exciting. We expect to see tires falling off of wheels and sparks… lots of pretty little sparks.

[Source: Craigslist]

And if you haven’t already, waste a few precious minutes watching Gymkhana 3 Part 1 after the jump (or don’t):

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Ken Block Gymkhana 3, Part 1 is Amazing – Ly Disappointing

The marketing forces that control Ken Block’s driving career have taken the legendary Gymkhana video series that he stars in to a whole new level. The problem is, that new level isn’t in the direction we’d hoped.

The genius of the Gymkhana videos is that they marketed Block’s sponsors like DC Shoes and Monster Energy Drink using a clever and entertaining bit of automotive shenanigans that achieved internet fame in a truly viral way. Having left Subaru and moved over to Ford, there’s been quite a buildup to the Gymkhana 3 video. Instead of delivering as promised, the new installment isn’t the paint-splattering, florescent light-busting, tire shredding insanity of the past two. Instead its a music video previewing the actual nonsense (Part 2) that is set to drop in September. Worse yet, its an incongruous mix of urban pop culture with the rather un-urban DC Shoes brand.

The video itself is really just a music video by a group called The Cool Kids, with very little Ken Block hoonage and plenty of offensively obvious logos. Like past Gymkhana’s the video starts with a disclaimer that states it is, “a blatant but cleverly crafted marketing scheme to sell products.” Blatant, yes. Clever, hardly.

I you’re still interested, check out the video after the jump:

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Ken Block's Gymkhana 3 To Be Released Tuesday

Ken Block’s long awaited Part I of his Gymkhana 3 automotive acrobatics video is set to drop on Tuesday, much to the delight of drooling fanboys and Rally enthusiasts everywhere.

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Rumor: Ken Block Edition Ford Fiesta In The Works, Sideways Hat Not Included

Now that Ford has wrestled Ken Block away from the clutches of Subaru, the company is looking to leverage their alliance with the internet superstar beyond their collaboration with the new Fiesta and the upcoming rally car based off the compact hatchback.

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Ford Racing and Team O'Neil Driving School Team Up to Create Fiesta Rally School

As Ford Racing just announced, they will be supplying 43 Fiestas to the Team O’Neil Rally School in New Hampshire in order to create the Fiesta Rally School. The O’Neil Rally School will outfit each Fiesta with a roll bar, rally suspension, and off-road tires so that aspiring rally drivers can safely learn the Scandinavian flick and other sideways rally driving techniques.

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Ken Block Gymkhana Three Teased With New Ford Fiesta [video]

Ken Block might not be driving for Subaru any more, but he’s still sponsored by Monster Energy Drink and is still up to his old tricks. Ahead of its debut later today, Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta Monster Rally Team has released a teaser of Gymkhana Three – featuring the new Ford Fiesta rally car. The clip doesn’t show much and frankly were half worried the full video won’t live up to the hype. In fact, we’re pretty sure it might flop, just because the whole Gymkhana thing is a little overdone right now.

Still, we look forward to being wrong and to enjoying some automotive acrobatics.

The video is set to make its debut at 8 p.m. on the West Coast.

See after the jump for the teaser video, plus Block’s past Gymkhana stunts:

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2011 Ford Mustang GT to Go Drifting as New Vaughn Gittin Jr. Ride

When spy photos first showed up on the Internet of Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s new 2011 drift Ford Mustang, many were curious on why it didn’t sport the atypical Falken Tire paint scheme. We knew he was out testing with the rest of the team, so it was clear that his “secret sponsor” would be huge and probably wanting priority on the colors campaigned on the car. So when Gittin finally debuted the car sporting an all out Monster Energy scheme, we applauded. It’s the perfect fit for the brand, throwing themselves into the mix of energy drinks that are already flying colors through Formula DRIFT competition.

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Video: Ken Block Tests the Ford Fiesta Rally Car

Ford and Monster Energy certainly are doing a great job of promoting the new Fiesta and Ken Block, but so far there hasn’t much else than hype to talk about. Ford’s Fiesta Pikes Peak cars were a disappointment and while Block has a great track record, nothing has come of the pairing yet.

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Ken Block's Ford Fiesta Rally Car Unveiled
Report: Subaru Stunt Driver Ken Block Headed to WRC in a Ford

American stunt driver and Subaru USA Rally America driver Ken Block (left) is close to getting the call to the big leagues. AutoSport is reporting that Block is close to a deal with Ford that would seem him driving in the World Rally Championship (WRC), the world’s premiere rally car racing series.

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Ken Block Gymkhana Practice Spoof Video