Top 10 Best Racing Games of All Time

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As video games become more and more realistic, AutoGuide.com decided to take a look at the top 10 racing games of all time. Continue Reading...

Nissan Partners With Apple iTunes Radio

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The 2014 Rogue, Versa Note and Leaf will be the first vehicles from the Japanese automaker to receive iTunes Radio, where Nissan will enjoy exclusive advertising rights through 2013. Continue Reading...

Scion FR-S Getting Gaming Integration

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Toyota GT 86 chief engineer Tetsuya Tada is turning to the virtual world in hopes of making cars fun for the younger generation. It might come as a surprise to our readers, but there are actually people out there who couldn’t care less about cars or driving them. In fact, the man behind one of… Continue Reading...

Chevrolet Camaro Replica PC Is One Expensive Novelty Item

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If you’re the biggest Chevrolet Camaro fan in the world and feel compelled to own anything and everything Camaro, this novelty PC might just be made for you. With a price tag of $1,300 it’s no trinket, but you do get a functional computer for the price (minus the keyboard, mouse and monitor) and it… Continue Reading...

Fanatec Releases Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 Wheel For Playstation3 and PC

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Even though we don’t have high hopes of Gran Turismo 5 hitting the shelves anytime soon, we’re a tad bit thrilled to see that Fanatec has upgraded their Porsche 911 GT3 RS steering wheel to accompany Gran Turismo 5 and other future-gen games. We actually have our own Porsche 911 GT3 RS unit sitting here… Continue Reading...