Chinese Automaker SAIC Considering Expanding into U.S. Market

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China’s largest carmaker, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), is among a bunch of Chinese automakers looking to expand into the American market. Before they can form more concrete plans, however, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration official David Strickland visited China to explain U.S. safety standards, and touring the SAIC plant. Despite the reputation Chinese automakers currently have… Continue Reading...

Bugatti Offers Two More Veyron Special Editions in Shanghai

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After tinkering around with Bugatti’s extensive online configurator for their Veyron, we find it hard to believe anyone special ordering their Veyron would end up with an identical one as someone else. But as if a ridiculously high number of combinations weren’t enough, Bugatti has released two more special edition Veyrons out in Shanghai featuring… Continue Reading...

Lamborghini Celebrates 10 Years in Singapore With Special Edition Gallardo Model

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To celebrate its 10 year presence in Singapore, Lamborghini has unleashed a limited edition Gallardo exclusive to Singapore. Only 10 of the Gallardos are available, and apparently all of them already have new owners. Delivery of all 10 took place at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Singapore with $15,000 of each Gallardo sold going to… Continue Reading...

BMW M5 Concept To Debut At Shanghai Auto Show

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The long awaited next generation BMW M5 will get its first showing in (lightly disguised) concept form at the Shanghai Auto Show. With China becoming a rapidly important market for BMW (read: sales are booming), the new car, codenamed the F10, will surely be a hit with performance-minded buyers in China and the world over…. Continue Reading...