Volkswagen Is Killing The Manual Transmission GTI After 2024

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
volkswagen is killing the manual transmission gti after 2024

A special edition celebrates the final run of the manual transmission-equipped VW GTI.

I guess all good things have to come to an end, right? Volkswagen’s legendary GTI is losing one of its defining features – the manual transmission. Pour one out for the death of yet another manual-equipped car.

To commemorate the last run of MT-equipped VW GTIs, VW is doing a final run called the GTI 380. It’s a special edition made just for North America; the 380 moniker is a reference to the vehicle’s internal model code, and a reference to the fourth-generation GTI 337, in which the 337 also referred to that generation’s respective model code.

The GTI 380 will be available in all trims of the GTI; S, SE, Autobahn, (and Performance trim in Canada). They all get the DCC adaptive damping system, gloss black 19-inch wheels from the Golf R, and summer tires. They’ll get a gloss black painted roof and mirror caps, and the optional Graphite Grey Metallic – an exclusive to the GTI 380. In Canada, Graphite Grey is traded for Dolphin Grey, and Pomelo Yellow, both exclusive to the Canadian market GTI 380.

The death of the GTI’s manual transmission is both puzzling and saddening. Certainly, the GTI’s manual transmission take rate was respectable, but that doesn’t seem to stop VW from canceling it post-2024. Even stranger, Volkswagen Canada says the GLI sedan will continue to offer a manual after 2024, whereas Volkswagen US does not make mention of that.

Well, if you’re looking for a new manual-transmission GTI, get it now before it is gone.

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  • Kenny Steinberg Kenny Steinberg on Aug 30, 2023

    I was intending to keep my 2021 GTI SE stick for a while anyway. But this news is disappointing, nevertheless. If I need a new car after the manuals disappear, VW will not be on my list.