Selling Your Old Car Has Never Been Easier, Thanks To CarBrain Staff
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They say that a vehicle is the second-most expensive thing the typical person will ever buy, coming in just behind housing on the list of major, high-value lifetime purchasing decisions. And whether you ponied up for a brand-new $80k Cadillac with all the bells and whistles, or dropped a fraction of that for an old secondhand vehicle, even after it’s been totaled or suffered a catastrophic mechanical failure, your car is probably valuable enough that it’s worth selling properly rather than just carting it off to the local junkyard. Unfortunately, connecting with someone who’s willing to pay what the vehicle is actually worth can be a part-time job unto itself.

That’s precisely the problem that CarBrain set out to solve more than 15 years ago. The company has been helping to match damaged-vehicle owners with interested buyers ever since.

Originally founded under the name DamagedCars, the Miami-based CarBrain rebranded as such back in 2017, although its mission has remained unchanged since the beginning: to make it simpler and more convenient for car owners like us to sell our old, less-than-perfect cars for a fair price. They do this by offering a simple, intuitive online marketplace that enables sellers to receive a guaranteed offer in 90 seconds from buyers in their area.

Of course, as someone who probably doesn’t sell damaged vehicles for a living, it can be hard to know whether you’re getting a fair, reasonable price for your car. Appraising undamaged and lower-mileage used vehicles accurately is already difficult enough, and there is no Blue Book for totaled cars. That’s why the folks at CarBrain study the market closely all the time, developing expertise in the field of damaged, broken, and high-mileage vehicles so they can provide you with fair market offers. And since less-than-perfect cars are the company’s bread and butter, they’ll help you unload exactly the sorts of cars that your local dealership won’t touch. That makes them the perfect solution for when you’re stuck with a non-running clunker that you have to get rid of quickly.

A huge portion of car owners have, at some time or another, come to own a busted, damaged, or non-running vehicle, whether because of a bad accident, an untimely mechanical failure, or the gradual process of wear and tear over so many hundreds of thousands of miles. That non-useable vehicle can become an eyesore, sitting untouched on your grass or driveway like a dilapidated lawn ornament. But trying to find an interested buyer to help unburden you can be a weeks- or months-long task. Thanks to CarBrain, you no longer have to worry about it.

Here's how the CarBrain process works: you simply go to, click “Get and Offer” on the main landing page, and the website goes about collecting all the necessary information. You’ll submit your vehicle details, and in many circumstances, CarBrain will instantly generate an offer on-the-spot, no hassle. In other cases, a CarBrain vehicle evaluator will review the information and contact you shortly after you make your submission with a guaranteed offer. After you accept your offer, you’ll turn over the keys and sign the vehicle title to CarBrain. If there is a lien on your vehicle, the company can even help you through the process of getting a lien release. After that, CarBrain pretty much takes care of the rest; they work with a nationwide network of partners that can come pick up your vehicle and haul it away for free, often within 24 to 48 hours of accepting your offer.

Ready to get rid of your old, disused vehicle, quickly and conveniently, at a fair market price? Go to now to learn more about the process and get an offer on your vehicle today. Staff Staff

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