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by Ian Haynes
Your car's dash is constantly exposed to harmful UV rays—protect your investment with a dash cover.

Is your vehicle’s dashboard faded or scratched up? Is the sun reflecting off your polished dash, and impairing your vision? Do you feel uneasy about the OEM interior?

Not only can dash covers blanket flaws, they also help to block the glaring sun, safeguard the dash from cracks, and add to your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. Becoming more popular in recent years, dash covers are a pocket-friendly alternative to a full dashboard replacement—which doesn’t come cheap! However, with so many dashboard covers on the market, and a variety of types, styles, and materials to go on, you can quickly find yourself lost as to what to pick. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of quality covers on the market, so you can raise your car’s aesthetic and keep the dashboard secure.

One thing to keep in mind is that many quality dash covers will be vehicle specific, since almost all vehicles have a dash that is unique to their model. So if a particular product on our list catches your eye, make sure to search for the one that’s made for your car.

For more information on the best dash covers, refer to our table of contents.

1. Editor's Pick: DashSkin Molded Dash Cover

This recommendation has a texturized finish that is molded to perfection, so it falls in place and leaves no wiggle room. Even upon close inspection, the look and feel of this cover leads many to believe it’s the original OEM dashboard. Installing it is a straightforward task: simply apply the silicone adhesive and set the cover in place. That said, it takes a little time to hold its ground as opposed to other options on the market.

However, once installed, the cover’s glassy surface is bound to look beyond impressive. The dashboard itself is be protected against all adversities. Furthermore, the DashSkin Molded Dash Cover comes in a variety of colors, so you’re sure to find a finish that compliments the rest of the interior.

When we compare this product to others on the market, it is a pricier option. However, this makes sense because it’s made from ABS plastic—a durable material. To add to that, this cover has a brand to back its make, so you get more value for the money you put in.


Precise fitting, a wide range of color options, lifetime warranty, made from high-grade plastic, sleek and stylish


Takes up to 30 minutes to install, one of the more expensive options

2. Runner Up: Wolf DashMat Original Carpet Dashboard Cover

The Wolf DashMat Original Carpet Dashboard Cover is a product that ticks all the right boxes—be it fitment, style, protection, or maintenance, you’ve got it all. The polyester cover is made from renewable resources, i.e., 100% recyclable plastic bottles, which makes this a great option for the environmentally-conscious driver. This material also helps to maintain composure even at extreme temperatures. Hot or cold, this product won’t shrink or fray.

If you’re a proud Chevrolet or GMC car owner, this product is definitely a must-have. If not, check out Wolf’s complete arsenal and you’ll surely find dashboard covers for other cars as well.

Barely weighing in at a pound, the Wolf DashMat Original Carpet Dashboard Cover can be set in place with little to no hassle. The key is to place it in the right spot and then secure the Velcro tabs. That’s it! You’ll also find that there’s no need to make any modifications, as the fabric comes pre-cut in the exact dimensions of the vehicle. If you need a cover that blends in, you can choose from a few different colors and pick one that matches your vehicle’s interior.


Comfortable, soft, Velcro straps to hold it down, precise fitting, a selection of colors to choose from, UV protection, durable, eco-friendly option


Some users complain that it creases quickly

3. Best on a Budget: Big Ant Dash Cover

If you own a Dodge Ram and are in search of a good looking, fully-functional dash cover, then this particular cover from Big Ant, is just what you need. And if you don't have a Dodge Ram, just check out the other vehicles Big Ant has offerings for. With a reputation to back its quality, this product is a creation of one of the best dashboard cover manufacturers on the market. Big Ant is known and loved for providing beautiful, high-quality products at reasonable prices.

The dash cover is made from felt fabric, which not only provides resistance against UV rays (i.e. it won’t fade over time), it’s also extremely soft and offers an exceptional fit! This product comes pre-cut, so all sensors and AC vents remain uncovered. Installation should only take a few minutes and the cover is set in place.

Typically, the sun’s glare reflects via the dashboard and heats the interior, but such isn’t the case with this product. This cover reflects glaring light outward without distorting vision, and absorbs less heat on the inside. As a result, you have a cool vehicle on your hands—even with the AC off. Moreover, maintenance is also easy: you only have to wipe and brush, and that will rid it of contaminants like dust and pet dander. To help you out, Big Ant also provides you with a cleaning cloth.


Affordable, soft felt fabric, durable, resistant to UV rays, reduces glare, keeps the car cool, easy to clean, quick installation


An installation guide would have been a major plus

4. Softest Dash Cover: Covercraft DashMat

A dash cover known for its sheer strength, resilience, and protection is the Covercraft DashMat. The listing below is meant for the Dodge Ram, so make sure you do a search for your specific vehicle. This product seamlessly protects your dashboard and raises the aesthetic of your interior. It is made from Foss fiber, a material known to withstand damage under all conditions, so you know it it won’t unravel or shrink.

The Covercraft DashMat comes in a wide variety of colors, so you’re sure to find a set that will blend with your interior. Setting them in place is a systematic process: just install the provided Velcro straps, and place the dash cover on top. It comes pre-cut, so no adjustments need to be made—it won’t slip and fall no matter how fast the drive is or how uneven the road.

A standout feature is that the cover comes with an airbag opening on the passenger side, so you can drive with a sense of security.


Soft to the touch, comfortable, durable, variety of colors, easy to install, Velcro straps


Users say it could have been a better fit if there were a more Velcro straps, there are better-looking covers on the market

5. Most Versatile Dashboard Cover: Seat Covers Unlimited

If you own a Chevy Tahoe or a GMC Yukon and need a good dash cover that fits perfectly and provides adequate protection, Seat Covers Unlimited has a product right up your alley. We encourage you to check all the offerings from this brand to find a dash cover that is custom-designed to fit your car’s make and model. However, the one featured here is for the Tahoe and Yukon.

This cover weight two pounds and is made from velour, a very soft yet sturdy material. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors, so you can select a finish that best compliments your interior. Once installed, it protects your dashboard from dust, fading, cracks, and much more! To add to that, the dash doesn’t get heated nor damaged. The model comes pre-cut in all the right places, it’s only a matter of placing it properly. All necessary vents and sensors will remain uncovered. Position the Velcro tabs in place, lay down the cover, and ensure that it sits perfectly from end to end. That’s all there is to it!


Can fit two different car models, comfortable, easy to install and clean, made in the U.S., robust material


A few more Velcro straps are required to keep the cover grounded, at times the reflective surface of the cover can distort vision

What are the Benefits of Installing Dash Covers?

Here are some of the benefits you will reap by installing a quality cover to your dash:

  • The cover protects your dashboard from overheating, which helps to prevents cracks
  • Helps to maintain your factory dash so that it never fades when hit by the sun
  • Protects the dashboard from scratches
  • Raises the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, ensuring a better resale value
  • It can cover flaws of damaged dashboards
  • It can be removed when you need to clean underneath (unless installed using a strong adhesive)

What are the Different Types of Dash Covers?

There are two main types of dash covers: molded and carpeted. Molded covers tend to have a precise fit and are pricier, but you just have to slide them in place. On the other hand, carpeted coverings are made from durable materials, and they come pre-cut, just ensure you are buying the one meant for your car. The cover is fastened to the dash with the help of Velcro straps.

What are the Features to Consider When Buying Dash Covers?

Here are some of the many features that buyers should not overlook:

  • Flair: Adding an odd-colored dash cover to your black interior is not aesthetically pleasing, nor is it in good taste. Remember, good covers are not just meant to protect the dash, but they also raise the style and appeal of the interior. Most covers come in different colors, so pick the color that best matches your interior.
  • Durability and longevity: The main purpose of a dashboard cover is to secure and protect the dash from damage. So, there isn’t any point in adding a cover that can’t deliver the needed protection. The best dashboard covers are resistant to scratches, smears, and UV rays. Imagine, buying a cover that will melt at high temperatures, instead of protecting the dashboard, it will damage it. So, buy a dash cover that is rated to be durable and long-lasting.
  • Compatibility: You should not have to make any adjustments to the cover, it should be placed as is without the need for additional cuts and incisions. Thankfully, good dash covers come pre-cut; you just have to ensure that the one you select is meant for your vehicle.
  • Quick installation: Since dash covers come pre-cut, installing them is not a hard task. If your cover is carpet-based, you just need to put Velcro straps and place the cover on top. Likewise, if it’s a molded cover, you may have to add some adhesive. Overall, ensure the dash cover you’re leaning towards offers a DIY installation.
  • Easy to clean: For some car owners, you may want to opt for a machine washable dash cover. Simply pull it out, toss it in the machine, and voila! It’s good as new. If not washable, the cover should be capable of being brushed, vacuumed, wiped, or steam cleaned.

How Much do Dash Covers Cost?

Typically, you will find dashboard covers falling in three price ranges:

  • Less than $40—a wide variety of carpet-based covers fall in this range, offered in universal colors
  • Between $40 to $100—you can find unique dash covers for cars that aren’t widely available in this price range
  • Above $100—if you opt for molded dashboard covers, they will cost you somewhere between $100 to $150 and above

Tips on Buying and Using Dash Covers Towards Their Full Potential

Here are some tips that can help you make the most of your dash cover:

  • Before installation, thoroughly clean the dashboard, and make sure nothing is left behind before placing the cover
  • When the car is not in use, put a sunshade on the windshield—this will increase the life of your dash cover
  • When cleaning your car, remove the dash cover and clean the dashboard as well as the cover
  • Before buying, make sure the pre-cut holes are exact to your dashboard’s measurements
  • If you like a cover and can’t seem to find the one meant for your vehicle’s make and model, call the manufacturer
  • If you want to make your own cover, it would be best to buy a cover meant for your car and use that as a reference point to make precise cuts

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