Do you want to buy a large trailer to tow with your truck or SUV? You’ll probably need a Class 3, 4 or 5 hitch, then, which means you’ll also need a good weight distributing hitch.

A weight distributing hitch, which is also referred to as a trailer equalizer, helps to distribute the downward force from heavy trailers across a larger, more even plane. It’s important for this downward force, referred to as tongue weight, to be distributed across the vehicle’s axles and the trailer’s axles, as it can put too much weight on the rear of your vehicle. This is not only bad for your truck or SUV, but can contribute to vehicle control problems and also break your trailer receiver hitch.

A weight distributing hitch can help keep you safe while out on the road and towing, so you’ll definitely want to read up on them before making your purchase. Luckily for you, we’re going to go over some of the best weight distributing hitches on sale in this post. Afterward, we’ll also touch on the different types of weight distributing hitches available today, what sets them apart and which are best for which applications.

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1. Editor's Pick: Andersen Hitches No Sway Weight Distribution Hitch

andersen hitches weight distribution hitch

The No Sway Weight Distribution Hitch from Andersen Hitches is one of the best weight distribution hitches on sale today.

This weight distribution hitch differs from others that are of the round bar and trunnion bar type. It features chains and a damper in place of spring bars, which not only remedies trailer sway but also any trailer bouncing you may experience. You can also easily tighten or loosen the chains and damper with a nut.

Andersen Hitches’ design is lightweight, coming in at under 60 lbs, is easy to install and promises to provide a smooth and extremely quiet ride as you tow. It’s rated at 10,000 lbs GTWR and 1,400 lbs tongue weight. Made in the U.S., this recommendation comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

While a bit pricier than other similar weight distribution hitches, this hitch has a superior design that makes it one of the best weight distribution hitches on sale today.

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2. EAZ LIFT 1,000 lbs Elite Bent Bar Weight Distributing Hitch

eaz lift weight distributing hitch

This weight distributing hitch from EAZ LIFT is of the round bar type and is inexpensive for what you’re getting.

With a 10,000 lb GTWR rating and a 1,000 lb tongue weight rating, this budget-friendly weight distributing hitch should prove to be plenty strong for many consumers. It should work as desired, as long as you don’t travel on rough or bumpy roads frequently. That’s because round bar type weight distribution hitches aren’t as good at mitigating noise and trailer sway and bounce as Andersen or trunnion bar type kits. What it lacks in refinement it makes up for in price, however.

If your trailer isn’t too heavy and the roads around you are smoothly paved, the EAZ LIFT 1,000 lbs weight distributing hitch is an inexpensive option that we’d confidently recommend. It’s also available in tongue weight ratings of 600 lbs, 800 lbs, 1200 lbs and 1400 lbs.

3. Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch

equal-i-zer 4-point way control hitch

The Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch is a trunnion bar type weight distribution hitch available in a wide variety of tongue weight and gross trailer weight ratings. It is also available in a variety of sizes, making it an appropriate choice no matter the height of your hitch receiver.

The Equal-i-zer hitch will work with almost all bumper-pull trailers and trailers with hydraulic surge brakes. The product comes complete, although it does not come with a hitch ball, so you’ll have to purchase your own separately if you don’t already have the appropriate type.

Users report this weight distributing hitch is easy to install, works very well to mitigate sway and is ideal for those who are towing very long trailers. The only downside here is the price – it’s a bit more expensive than a comparable round ball type weight distributing hitch and more than an Andersen style one as well.

4. Husky Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch with Bolt-Together Ball Mount/Shank Assembly

husky round bar weight distribution hitch

This round bar type weight distribution hitch from Husky has a 1,200 lb max tongue rating and 12,000 GTWR, making it good for those with heavier trailers or RVs to tow.

The hitch also features 8 inches total of height adjustment, making it flexible between trailer sizes and types. Like many other weight distribution hitches, though, a trailer ball is not included in this package, so you’ll have to purchase your own if you don’t already have one of the right size.

Husky promises this weight distribution hitch is easy to install and simple to use. Some users weren’t happy with the flimsy packaging the hitch came in, but otherwise, this should prove to be a solid weight distribution hitch for the truck or SUV owner who doesn’t want to break the bank. We’d consider this a good entry-level weight distribution hitch.

5. Pro Series Complete Weight Distribution Kit

reese pro series weight distribution hitch

The Pro Series Complete Weight Distribution Kit comes with everything you’ll need to use a weight distributing hitch on your truck or SUV, including a hitch ball.

This round bar type weight distributor hitch has a 1,000 lb tongue weight and 10,000 GTWR, so it will be able to handle most trailers and RVs that consumers may find themselves towing frequently. The manufacturer also offers a 10-year warranty with the kit, although it should prove to be durable as long as you take proper are of it.

Installing and using this kit is straightforward, but if you’re confused at any point, you can always refer to the included instructions or an online video for guidance. Users report that this hitch is also very heavy and a bit noisy when towing.

6. Fastway e2 2-Point Sway Control Round Bar Hitch

rb fastway e2 2-point sway control hitch

This round bar type weight distribution hitch from Fastway comes in a variety of GTWR and tongue weight ratings. None of them come with a hitch ball, however, so you’ll have to get your own if you opt for this product.

Like other weight distributing hitches, this product will mitigate sway and distirbute your trailer’s weight across the vehicle and trailer axles. It comes with a 10-year warranty as well.

Users say this weight distributing hitch is easy to use, easy to install and well made. It also provides good sway control, so you can tow confidently even with very heavy trailers.

One downside to this hitch is that it may be a bit noisy once it’s been used for a little while. Grease, such as WD-40, can sometimes help to reduce the amount of noise your weight-distributing hitch makes.

7. Husky Center Line TS with Spring Bars

husky center line ts with spring bars

This weight distribution hitch kit from Husky has a very high tongue weight rating of 1,200 lbs and a GTWR of 12,000 lbs.

The manufacturer claims this round bar hitch is quieter than many other similar kits on sale today, so you won’t be bothered by squeaking as you drive along. It also comes with a trailer ball hitch and all other hardware you’ll need to install it. This product is also well-priced for its heavy-duty weight ratings and comes with easy-to-follow instructions for installation.

One common downside that users of this product report is the weight. Due to the product’s heaviness, it can be difficult to maneuver when installing it or moving it around when it’s not attached to your vehicle.

8. CURT Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch (17063)

curt round bar weight distribution hitch 17063

A well-known brand in the towing industry, CURT offers several different weight distribution hitches, based on your needs. So if this recommendation doesn’t meet your specific requirements, make sure to check the company’s other offerings.

This one in particular is a round bar weight distribution hitch (17063) designed to offer a smoother ride and improved control by distributing the the tongue weight of the trailer and leveling the load. This weight distribution hitch also comes with a trailer sway control bar. An integrated lubrication system contributes to smooth, quiet towing.

It features 31-3/16-inch long forged steel spring bars and it’s rated to tow 10,000 to 14,000 lbs gross trailer weight and 1,000 to 1,400 lbs tongue weight. It comes with an adjustable two-inch shank and a pre-torqued 2-5/16-inch trailer ball.

All of this features a durable carbide black powdercoated finish for durability and corrosion resistance.

9. Camco Weight Distribution Hitch

camco eaz lift recurve r6 weight distributing hitch kit

The Camco Weight Distribution Hitch is a round bar type weight distribution kit with a 1,000 lb tongue weight and 10,000 lb GTWR.

This kit comes with everything you’ll need to put the hitch on your truck, including a hitch ball.

While the construction of this product is of good quality, some users say it’s hard to install due to the vague instructions. If you are going to install it yourself, you may want to research online for more detailed installation instructions or a how-to video.

This hitch is on the pricey side. It’s far from the best deal on this list, but should work as advertised nonetheless.

10. Blue Ox Weight Distributing Hitch

blue ox swaypro weight distributing hitch

The Blue Ox Weight Distributing Hitch is an extremely heavy duty hitch with a 1,500 lb tongue weight rating and a 15,000 lb GTWR.

This kit will prevent trailer sway and ensure your truck or SUV retains a soft, smooth ride even when towing heavy trailers. The manufacturer claims it’s near-silent when in motion and comes with a pre-adjusted head so it’s ready to use out of the box.

If you’re serious about towing, this is an ideal weight distributing hitch. Some users say the sway bar chains are hard to adjust, however you don’t have to take them off when you are reversing your vehicle like some other weight distributors.

While very pricy, this weight distributing hitch is a high-quality product that’s aimed at the user who tows heavy trailers frequently.

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How Does a Weight Distributing Hitch Work?

A weight distributing hitch spreads the weight of a trailer across a larger plane.

A trailer without a weight distributing hitch will focus all of its weight onto a small surface area (the hitch ball). This can cause the rear end of your truck or SUV to sag, which may make it susceptible to trailer sway and bounce and reduce your ability to remain in control of the vehicle when traveling along.

A weight distributing hitch is specially designed to spread the weight of your trailer to a larger surface area, reducing rear end sag and helping to keep the trailer even and in line with your vehicle. They can also help with cornering stability when towing when directing the weight of the trailer to one side of the vehicle.

What Are the Different Types of Weight Distributing Hitches?

As we mentioned above, there are three types of weight distributing hitch: round bar, trunnion bar and Andersen.

Round Bar Hitches: a round bar weight distribution hitch uses round-shaped sway bars that attach to the bottom of the trailer ball mount and assembly. They don’t deal with bumps and potholes as well as an Andersen style kit, but will work just fine for most applications.

Trunnion Bar Hitches: a trunnion bar kit is nearly the same as a round bar kit, except the sway bars are square in shape and don’t require a clip to be fastened to the receiver. They are more difficult to adjust the height of the head on than a round bar kit, but provide more ground clearance than round bar type kits.

Andersen Hitches: Instead of using a sway bar, an Andersen style hitch uses dampers and chains to help reduce and mitigate trailer sway and bouncing. A but is also used to tighten the chains and dampers so you don’t have to mess around with chains.  This hitch design helps to reduce trailer bounce in addition to sway.

We’d focus less on the type of hitch when shopping and more on the tongue weight rating and GTWR. As long as your weight distributing hitch has the correct weight rating for the trailer you are towing and fits your receiver properly, you should be good to go.

What Weight Rating Will I Need?

There are two different weight ratings used when talking weight distributing hitches: tongue weight and gross trailer weight.

The tongue weight of a trailer is how much downward force it enacts on your vehicle when it’s hitched up. The gross trailer weight rating (GTWR) is how much the trailer weighs in its entirety.

Having too much tongue weight is obviously bad, but having too little tongue weight can also cause trailer sway problems. Ideally, you’ll want your tongue weight to be 10 to 15 percent of your GTWR so you’re left with trailer that sits evenly with your vehicle. If your trailer weighs 10,000 lbs, you’ll want to have a tongue weight rating of around 1,000 lbs, for example.

Having the proper weight rated hitch is the most important aspect of shipping for a weight distributing hitch.


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