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Kansas-based Husky Liners has been in the business of making aftermarket automotive products for 30 years now. The core of their product line is custom-fit floor liners, inclusive of the front, rear, and cargo seat area. The company is also in the business of developing heavy-duty floor mats and a broad array of high-quality products made to extend the life of your car.

We have picked out the top five best Husky floor mats for you to have a pool of options when deciding upon the right product for your car.

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1. Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Liners

husky liners weatherbeater floor mats

You should never drive a mile when your floor carpet is at the risk of an accidental spillage. Protecting your car’s floorboards not only keeps unwanted odors and elements out of the car interior, but it also increases its resale value. This product is engineered to withstand the most harmful chemicals such as gas, oil, and battery acid.

These Husky Liners feature form-fit edges and are made with a sturdy rubberized material to deliver a refined look. The product comes in all size and shapes and is offered in four colors.

2. Husky Liners X-act Contour Floor Liners

husky liners x-act contour floor liners

The world is full of mishaps, and your car or truck’s interior is not immune to disasters. However, you can always protect your precious little home on wheels with an awesome pair of floor mats. The product boasts tall outer walls and an additional lip that protects your doorsill, thereby offering more durable defense than rival products in the market.

The X-act Contour mats are developed from a soft rubber material that is incredibly flexible and strong yet ultra-delicate to touch. Also, the center of the mat is lined with grooves to trap and channel moisture and grime away from your feet and clothes.

3. Husky Liners WeatherBeater Cargo Liners

husky liners weatherbeater cargo liner

Life is hard for an exposed cargo or trunk area. Every time you pile in sports equipment, groceries, and strollers, you risk destroying your factory flooring. Drivers should shield floor surfaces with these WeatherBeaters from Husky Liners, which will protect a high-use area from looking the part.

The product is molded from the ultra-flexible elastomeric material, and its non-slippery surface comes built-in with grooves to grip cargo and channel spills. The grime and dust is further minimized courtesy of its elevated FormFit Edge. The product is available in your choice of black, tan, or grey color.

4. Husky Liners Classic Style Floor Liners

husky liners classic-style floor liners

If you’re after a set of floor mats developed by a reputable manufacturer, then stop your hunt at Husky Liners. Their ultra-modern carpet-saving technology deploys innovative design and laser scanning to make sure each mat custom fits the contours of your car’s floor.

The product features elevated containment walls, and the classic diamond tread design keeps the muck and mess firmly on the mat and away from your expensive, plush carpet. It is built with sturdy thermoplastic material and comes with a non-slippery surface for your cargo. The product is available in black, tan, and grey colors.

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5. Husky Liners Classic Style Cargo Liners

husky liners classic-style cargo liner

Your spacious cargo area deserves edge-to-edge coverage provided by these Classic Style Husky Liners. It offers unbreakable protection and a customized-cut to deliver a defense against accidental spills, oil, gas, and other trunk mishaps. Vehicles with kids and pets commuting regularly can really benefit from these no-nonsense ultra-functional cargo mats.

These Husky Liners are fashioned from a sturdy thermoplastic to create a line of defense between potential hazards and your carpet. The product comes with a towering outer rim to keep moisture and mud at bay. Moreover, the Classic Style is available in a host of colors to match your car interior.

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