Wireless winch remote controllers deliver an extra dose of flexibility and convenience over the typical hard-wired controller, and the option just became even more convenient thanks to a new state-of-the-art system that allows users to operate their winch through a new app.

WARN has long been the industry leader when it comes to electric vehicle recovery winches, and the pioneering company’s new HUB Wireless Receiver system takes the already appealing concept of wireless remote winch control and makes it more powerful than ever. With the WARN HUB, owners can use a Bluetooth-enabled smart device to control the winch, meaning there’s no separate wireless clicker to worry about misplacing or keeping stocked with fresh batteries. (The system is such a revelation that it won Best New Off-Road/4-Wheel Drive Product category at this year’s SEMA Show.)

But if you’ve spent years using a standard hard-wired winch controller without a hitch, is it really worth the upgrade? Yes! Here are five good reasons why you should go wireless.

Wireless winch remote controllers are safer

Wireless winch remote controllers allow you to stand safely clear of the “action,” no matter what it is you’re doing – whether you’re using the winch to fell a tree, or to help recover your Jeep after getting stuck out on the trail. Both of those tasks can be dangerous, and a wired controller leaves you uncomfortably close to the hazard zone. But with an effective range of up to 100 feet – one of the farthest-reaching signals we’ve ever seen – the WARN HUB Wireless Receiver allows you to stay far away from any potential danger.

They’re also more flexible

Vehicle recovery is one thing, but there are plenty of other tasks that winches are well-suited for, and having a wireless winch controller like WARN’s new HUB system lets you tackle more of them with fewer people.

As an example, one wireless winch controller user we heard from uses his winch to erect ladder stands each hunting season, and the wireless controller allows him to remotely activate the winch while he’s working the stand into position. In fact, raising just about any structure can be done far more easily when you’re not restricted by your winch’s wired controller.

You can use your Bluetooth-enabled smart device as the controller

The WARN HUB Wireless Receiver acts as a wireless winch remote

What really sets the WARN HUB Wireless Receiver apart is the fact that you can use a Bluetooth-capable smart device – like the cellphone you already carry with you everywhere already – as the remote control. That means there’s no small, easy-to-lose dedicated remote to keep track of, and one less piece of equipment to pack the next time you head off to camp.

It also makes it easier to ensure that your winch remote has enough power so you won’t be left high and dry when you need it most; just about everyone has a car phone charger handy.

You’ll never have to guess at your vehicle’s battery voltage again

WARN has developed a special smart device app for interfacing with the HUB Wireless Receiver, and besides giving users easy access to winch controls, it also boasts a real-time vehicle battery voltage readout, right on your screen. Since winches draw a large amount of power, that’s an absolutely essential data point.

Even with the vehicle idling, running a winch continuously can quickly overrun the electrical system, leaving the battery in peril of depleting to the point of no return.

The WARN HUB boasts simple installation and broad compatibility

Installation of the WARN HUB Wireless Receiver is about as easy as pie; all you need to do is mount the receiver somewhere safe with the included zip ties, connect it to your winch, and run through a simple Bluetooth pairing/setup procedure on the WARN HUB App, available for both Android and iOS. Even better, the system has a long list of compatible winches, with HUB versions for truck, powersport, and Axon winches, from WARN and a few other manufacturers, too.

Simple setup, broad compatibility. It’s little wonder that the WARN HUB Wireless Receiver was named one of SEMA360’s best new products.

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