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Evan Williams
by Evan Williams
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The fight for supremacy between the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco could go on forever, but there’s one line where Ford is the clear winner. When you take the doors off of your Wrangler, the mirrors come with it. Ford’s Bronco lets you see behind you. But thanks to the aftermarket, you can even the score in a hurry. With Jeep Wrangler doors off mirrors that give you options to let you see traffic behind you when you’re feeling the breeze.

Taking off the doors is a key part of the Jeep Wrangler experience. Right up there with the removable top and the ability to drive almost anywhere. There are very few vehicles that come as close to the motorcycle experience, and Jeep dominated that open-cabin segment for decades.

But there is one main downside to having your doors off, and that’s that your mirrors came off with them. It was easier for Jeep to attach the mirrors directly to the doors when they built the Wrangler, but it might not be easier for you. It might not even be legal for you to drive without at least one side mirror, depending on where you live.

Fortunately, the Jeep Wrangler is one of the most customized vehicles in the world. That means loads of companies have designed and built Jeep doors off mirrors. Mirrors that attach to the body of your Jeep, keeping you safe and legal in traffic with no doors, half-doors, or tube doors. Here are the best doors off mirrors for your Jeep. And because it’s Jeep, they’ll work on your Jeep Gladiator, too.

Denforste Doors Off Mirrors

If you're taking the doors off of your Jeep, there's a good chance you're planning on off-roading. So a mirror that's quick and easy to install is important, but affordable is good too. That way you won't be so upset if you misjudge a branch and smack that a bit too hard.

These Jeep doors off mirrors from Denforste are the most affordable on our list. They're also one of the easiest to install. The mirror drops into the empty door hinge, quickly and easily. Then you tighten a nut at the bottom and your mirrors are ready for use.

The convex mirrors are adjustable on a ball mount and have a very large 5.5 by 7.5-inch mirror so you can see lots of what is behind you.


Easy install, low price, large mirrors


Need to be removed to reinstall doors, some reviews complain they can move

QMParts Doors Off Mirrors

One of the big problems with aftermarket mirrors is that they can vibrate and shake. You can't see what's behind you if the glass is bouncing everywhere, and that can make them, well, a bit useless. These mirrors promise to solve that issue.

These mirrors come with a massive bracket that is bolted securely to the side of your Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator using existing bolt holes. Once you tighten down that beefy footing, these mirrors shouldn't go anywhere you don't want them to.

But when you do want them to move, the QMParts mirrors can slide in and out for tight trails or to see around your bike rack. They can be adjusted up and down as well, and they're designed to give you a wide field of view.


Beefy brackets, adjustable width


Some complaints of distortion at glass edges

Lange Originals Coyote Mirror

This mirror is named for Moab's Coyote Gulch trail, and it is designed to go hard on any JL Jeep Wrangler or the Jeep Gladiator. This is one of the only mirrors on our list that doesn't need to come off before you put the doors back on.

By using a smaller mirror, the Coyote Mirror can attach to just one single (and existing) bolt hole on the fender of your Jeep. Because that hole is ahead of the door, and is combined with the small mirror, you can just leave it on when the doors go back on. It's not in the way when you try to fold your windshield, either.

The mirror block and stem are machined from billet aluminum for strength. They're then anodized for a finish that should be able to take whatever the elements and the trail can dish out. The mirror head itself is made from a strong plastic that Lange says should last a lifetime.


Billet construction, leave in place


Small mirror pane, price

Rugged Ridge 11025.04 Mirror Relocation Bracket Kit

Why buy new mirrors when you can just move your existing factory ones? This mirror relocation bracket takes your factory mirrors and moves them from the door mount location to the front windshield frame. The brackets attach to your Jeep Wrangler using factory bolt locations so you don't need to drill any holes. The kit also comes with a paintable plug so you can cover the existing mirror hole in your door.

With this kit, you can leave your mirrors on and relocated all of the time, with the doors on or off. That can save you some steps when it comes time to take those pesky doors off. The brackets have a black powder coat for durability and to match the factory mirrors.


Keep your OE mirrors, can be used with doors on, paintable door plug


Passenger side partially obscured by the window frame. Some reports that one mounting bolt is tough to access.

JeCar Door Off Mirrors

A handy thumb screw makes these mirrors, designed for TJ and JK Jeeps easy to remove. Spin out the screw and you can toss your mirrors in the hatch or in your garage until the next time you take the mirrors off.

This lets you use your factory Jeep mirrors when you have the doors on and then swap into open-air mode in a big hurry. The mirror arm and frame are made from stainless steel to resist corrosion and there is a black powder coat finish. It also has a ball joint and three retaining screws to help you set the mirror to the right view and make sure it stays in place on the highway.


Stainless steel, quick-release removal


Quick release removal, some users say it's tough to get the screw tight enough

Mopar 82215331AC Exterior Mirror Kit

his might be the most expensive entry on our list, but it is also the one designed and built by Jeep. The Mopar mirror relocation kit is designed by the same company that designed your Jeep, made to move the factory-equipped mirrors to a new location on the front fender.

The relocation kit keeps your mirrors in the factory location, so you can see behind you just as well as you could with the doors on. The mirror won't be blocked by the pillar like some others on this list.

The Mopar kit is also compatible with off-road light mounting brackets, letting you relocate your mirrors and add nighttime illumination all at the same time.


Mopar genuine accessory, keeps mirror in factory sight line


High price

Hozan Hood-Mount Mirror

Ok, this is a strange one, but bear with us because it is one of the most unique solutions we've seen. These mirrors attach to your Jeep's factory hood latch bracket instead of attaching to your doors. Sort of like the mirrors you see on Japanese home market cars from the '90s.

You can leave these mirrors on with your doors on or off. You can also angle them to help you see your front tires when you're on the trail. So they can improve your street visibility and your off-road driving. They are wide-angle mirrors made with an aluminum bracket for long-live and corrosion resistance.


More mirrors the merrier, can be used for front-tire spotting


They look silly, you need to purchase Left and Right versions

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