Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series: Behind the Scenes of a Professional Photo Shoot

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to get truly professional OEM high-quality automotive photography then take a gander at these photos. This massive gallery was posted on AMG’s “Private Lounge” forum, restricted to AMG owners.

Our AMG-owning friends over at Luxury4Play then provided them to us.

Several shots show an impressive rig system used to get those faked high-speed-look photos. This look was popularized in magazines like SuperStreet, although those rigs are far more rudimentary and often require significant photoshopping. The below-mount rig used for the SL65 AMG Black Series photos minimizes the need for Photoshop. It also appears to be made of carbon fiber, keeping the whole system as light as possible and allowing the camera to be mounted a good distance away from the car so that a more scenic photo can be taken.

The photographer isn’t messing around either, using what appears to be a Hasselblad camera.


A second set of shots show some impressive car-to-car action with the SL65 AMG Black Series on the Mas Du Clos circuit in France.

At the end there’s a photo of the whole crew involved in such a photo shoot, which should give you an idea at the kind of expense a company like Mercedes-Benz goes through to get perfect press photos.

We’ve included a full gallery of all the photos below.


GALLERY: SL65 AMG Black Series Photo Shoot


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