Leaked: 2011 Ford Mustang Details Slip Out

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Ford is set to announce big changes to the 2011 Mustang at the LA Auto Show in just a few weeks time, but thank to someone with access to the company’s ordering system, a few details have already slipped out.

Among the details include news that the California Special will return. There will also be an SVT package with 19-inch wheels, an RR spoiler with gurney flap, stripe delete and a 3.73 limited slip rear end. Other details are scarce, but there was a listing for the GT500 Convertible, that included a supercharged 5.4-liter V8 engine. That would mean some sort of EcoBoost V8 is out, but it still leaves open the possibility that the V8 will have an aluminum block, which will help the GT500 lose a bunch of weight where it needs to most.

As for the Mustang GT, it will get a six-speed automatic transmission – although that may still be optional.

Ordering for the new 2011 models will begin on January 18th, but we should know more about the 2011 Mustang revisions once the car’s debut at the LA Auto Show on December 2nd.

[Source: GMInsideNews]

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