Report: Audi E-Tron Will Be Priced Above R8, With Just 1,000 Units Available

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Proving that the electric car revolution isn’t likely to happen over night, Audi has said that it will build just 1,000 versions of its E-Tron sports car, with pricing set above the R8. News comes from the U.K.’s AutoCar after an interview with Audi design boss Achim Badstubner.

Considering Audi’s R8 with the 5.2-liter V10 runs a cool $146,000, that is no small chunk of change for a vehicle that certainly won’t perform like Audi’s current supercar.

Badstubner said that with 5,000 international dealerships, sales of 1,000 units was feasible, but added that the cars would be built to order – an obvious sign that Audi isn’t confident in demand. In the interview Badstubner went on to comment about the limiting factor that the cost of batteries have and also said that electric cars are typically city cars, which designed for short distances and not for high-performance driving.

Audi does, however, believe there will be some takers for the car; early adopters who have the means and don’t mind the added cost to be both different and environmentally conscious.

The E-Tron is powered by four electric motors (one for each wheel) that make a total of 313-hp. It is expected to go on sale in 2012.

GALLERY: Audi E-Tron Concept

[Source: AutoCar]

Colum Wood
Colum Wood

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