Report: First Photos of Mugen-Tuned Honda CR-Z Leaked

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Hot on the heels of a leaked brochure outlining the many details of Honda’s upcoming CR-Z hybrid sports car, a similar brochure showing a modification package by famed Honda-tuner Mugen has appeared online.

No details on the kit have been confirmed but judging from the photo we’re looking at a new aero package including front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a roof-mounted spoiler that really gives the CR-Z an aggressive look. A larger set of light-weight wheels is also a part of the package and we expect a few added goodies to also be included.

As for the CR-Z itself, we have learned that it will be powered by an Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) gasoline/electric setup with a 1.5-liter engine and electric motor. Engine power is 112-hp and 107 ft-lbs, while the electric motor kicks in 14-hp and 57 ft-lbs. With either a six-speed manual or CVT gearbox, the CR-Z can hit 62 mph in an unimpressive 9.7 seconds – just a tenth faster than the Prius.

Different driving modes will be available, including Eco, Normal and Sport. And while the CR-Z doesn’t get sports car performance, it certainly does seem to get hybrid fuel economy. In the Japanese test cycle the car is rated at 52/59 mpg. At first this seems to put it way ahead of the Insight which is rated at 40/43 mpg in the U.S., but in Japan the Insight rates at between 61 and 70 mpg on the Japanese test cycle, meaning that the CR-Z is likely to come in below the Insight in terms of fuel economy.

We’ll have to wait for the car’s North American debut to get the official numbers.

GALLERY: Mugen Honda CR-Z

GALLERY: Leaked Honda CR-Z Official Brochure

[Source: TOV]

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  • Timothy Timothy on Dec 20, 2009

    its about time honda gave crx another chance by giving birth to this well built cr-z I like tha design very good concept job done well