Video: Driving an Audi R8 in a Blizzard

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

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During last weeks blizzard that struck the U.S. Northeast, folks were advised to stay at home and driver’s were asked to only go out if absolutely necessary. But New York Times contributor Eza Dyer didn’t want to waste a minute trapped in doors. After all, he had an exotic R8 sports car on loan from Audi.

And not just any R8, but a top-of-the-line 5.2-liter V10.

Dyer decided to do a little Holiday shopping when only snow plows were out to fetch a few “necessities” like reindeer antlers for his dog and some new linens from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

It’s well worth the watch, if only to see such a high priced exotic performing admirably in such harsh weather. Dyer’s comments aren’t all that valid, as he mocks those who don’t have AWD. Although we are thankful he pointed out that the winter tires had a great deal to do with the car’s winter capability. Audi’s quattro system may be good, but it’s not going to do much in a blizzard if you’re rolling on high performance summer tires.

Colum Wood
Colum Wood

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  • JzEllis JzEllis on Jan 23, 2010

    that snow drifts, no donuts, WTF? whats the point of being able to go out in the snow and film it if you aren't gonna have a lil fun. the snow wasn't even that bad anyway, i would not have thought twice about driving in that with snow tires on my Supra...oh wait, i do that all the time!

    • Colum Wood Colum Wood on Jan 24, 2010

      I have to agree, with quattro and some big snow tires, that R8 should be able to motor... kind of scary on the street though. Taking a car like that on a snow-covered race track would be a real hoot!

  • George of the jungle George of the jungle on Mar 11, 2010

    can't wait for A7 awd to come hopefully this year. that car i would give it a spin on the snow covered roads :)