Toyota's Unintended Problems Caused By Radar-Guided Cruise Control

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

Toyota‘s new spokesman suggested that their “unintended acceleration” could be caused by consumers misunderstanding of their vehicle’s radar-guided cruise control system. The cruise control, which speeds up or slows the vehicle down depending on its proximity to other cars, might not have been properly explained to customers, leading to concerns about unintended acceleration, said Steve St. Angelo, Toyota’s new spokesman, in an interview with Automotive News.

“We’re realizing that we haven’t done a good job of educating our customers about our cars,” said St. Angelo. “We must do a better job of educating them about the features, especially if they have anything to do with unintended acceleration.”

[Source: Left Lane News]

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  • FRANKOK FRANKOK on May 09, 2010

    Bull - how many of the thousands of incidents since 2002 drive-by-wire were due to "radar" option?

  • Dan K Dan K on Jul 09, 2010

    Frank is right! That is bull! They have got a very deep problem in their hands. It can't be solved by a plant manager. Usually the radar guided cruise will only try to slow you down if you approach a vehicle to fast. In all the cases I am aware, the software never intends to accelerate the vehicle with out driver control. Big problem that will not go away soon