Mini Vs. Porsche Race Is A Great Publicity Stunt That Might Just Work

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
mini vs porsche race is a great publicity stunt that might just work

A video and a series of print advertisements from MINI has the BMW subsidiary throwing down the gauntlet against German sports car maker Porsche, challenging them to a “race” at Road Atlanta, daring them to let their 911 Carrera go up against the diminutive MINI Cooper S.

This challenge sounds fun on paper, but MINI never really defined the terms of what a “race” entails. Manufacturers usually fudge with these sorts of things so that their product comes out on top, so we’re still a bit skeptical. However the tongue-in-cheek nature of MINI’s advertising campaigns means that their ego can take a bit more bruising than most other brands.

MINI’s current head, Jim McDowell is a former Porsche Cars North America employee, something that adds a bit more fun to the whole spectacle. McDowell took out a full page ad in the New York Times, and hosted a video on Youtube outlining the challenge to the company’s Facebook fans. Check it out for yourself and decide.

[Source: MINI USA Facebook page]

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