Ford Taurus SHO to Get 400-Horsepower from EcoBoost V6

Ford is looking to add even more grunt to its Taurus SHO model in the future, hinting at plans to up horsepower as high as the 400 mark. At the 19th annual national Taurus SHO convention, held lat week in Dearborn, MI, Ford marketing manager Steve Ling commented that, “365 horsepower is good. 400 is better.” Ling preceded this comment by stating that, “The SHO is at the top [of Ford’s performance sedan category] and we’re going to keep it there.”

Ford’s Advanced Engine Design and Development Engineer, Brett Hinds, went so far as to hint that we’re likely to see some of the added potential inside the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine when Ford unwraps the EcoBoost F-150 later this year.

Ford also gave a glimpse at what the future SHO will look like with Taurus Exterior Design Manager Earl Lucas commenting that the big sedan will get lower and wider, although less bulky and use less chrome. With the SHO’s success established, Ford will now look to differentiate the car from its Taurus siblings with unique styling including different front and rear bumpers and exclusive wheels.

The next-generation of Ford’s SHO is set to arrive somewhere around 2013, but big changes could come much sooner in a mid-cycle update.

[Source: Autoblog]