Poll Reveals What Scares Men Most: Women Drivers

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic
poll reveals what scares men most women drivers

What scares the bejesus out of you? Spiders? Clowns? Garden gnomes? If you’re a man, chances are you’re afraid of your wife’s or girlfriend’s driving.

So it’s a bit of a stereotype, but a recent poll taken by OnePoll.com, an online market research firm, asked 3,000 men a series of questions about how they felt being a passenger riding along with a female driver. The results found that a third of men are afraid in the passenger seat. Around one-fifth of those polled often grip the seat cushion in fear and one in ten said they had been forced to grab the steering wheel as their partner took her eyes off the road.

OnePoll.com spokesperson said that most men “feel they are better drivers than the women in their lives,” as well as “believe they concentrate a lot better, read road situations more quickly and clearly and have better reactions.” Some of the respondents even went on to say they could never relax when their other half was driving.

Hit the jump for a list of the top 10 complaints made about women’s driving:

1. Lack of concentration

2. Braking too late

3. Flicking the accelerator

4. Not avoiding rumble strips

5. Getting too close to other cars

6. Braking too hard

7. Fiddling with the stereo

8. Failure to indicate

9. Going too fast

10. Sticking in the middle lane

Let’s hear from you. Guys: do you have nightmares about driving with your significant other? Ladies: Do you think that the men are just being a bit over dramatic? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Source: Telegraph]

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  • Chad Chad on Jul 30, 2010

    Word! I have to remind my wife that she doesn't have to look at me to talk to me. And yet, she does.

  • Ken Ken on Aug 05, 2010

    The left lane is the passing lane, the right lane is the travel lane. And, when the light turns green it will not get any greener, push down on the big pedal on the right.