Volk TE37 Wheels Getting Updated Design to Deter Copycats

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but for Rays Engineering it’s a thorn in their side. Their most popular wheel, the TE37, is quite possibly the most copied wheel in the world. We have seen so many variants of the 6-spoke design, some virtually identical to the TE37 and some adding a little spice to the design but still sporting the same decals. We’ve always been very anti-imitation, so we figured we’d continue spreading the good news and help preserve the beauty of the TE37 wheel.

Rays Engineering (manufacturer of Volk Racing wheels) has updated their 17- and 18-inch TE37 models to mimic their 19-inch model with the engraved stampings on the lip of the wheel. These engravings include the Volk Racing logo, Made in Japan, Rays Eng., VIA/JWL, Forged, and Monoblock. Rays Engineering states that this is just another step of precaution to show the difference between the original and copied wheels.

We all know the TE37 is quite possibly the world’s most famous wheel. It also has a rich background on race cars, proving that its lightweight and ingenuous design does work. So for those out there fakin’ it around with imitations, we point, laugh and mock you. It’s ok though, we’re sure you’re pointing back, laughing back and mocking at our empty wallets.

[Source: Farm of Minds]

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