Consumer Reports Picks Top 10 Family Vehicles for Travel

Consumer Reports Picks Top 10 Family Vehicles for Travel

Summer vacation may be coming to a close, but that means it’s time for a whole new season of bringing your kids to school, piano lessons and football tryouts. Consumer Reports has put together a list of new cars that are great for transporting the family around, all ranging in price from just under $20,000 to just under $40,000. They all gained good scores in road tests, and have good seating and cargo arrangements.

They’re listed after the jump, listed in order by price, along with a brief description on why they ranked well:

Scion xB ($18,360): Performing well and handles responsively, it comes with a huge rear seat and generous cargo volume, and came out well in the crash tests.

Subaru Forester 2.5X ($22,040): Sensible, practical and affordable, this small SUV handles well and delivers a comfortable, compliant ride.

Mazda5 ($23,805): The micro-minivan features flexible seating for four people and lots of luggage, and comes with sliding rear doors.

Nissan Altima 2.5 S ($23,970): This sedan handles well and rides nicely, and its seats are comfortable and interior quality is great.

Volkswagen Jetta SE wagon ($24,324): Boasting agile handling, a comfortable ride, and a beautifully finished interior, its rear cabin offers a lot of useful space.

Toyota Prius IV ($26,750): Offering great overall fuel economy, you’ll find an airy interior and plenty of space behind the controls.

Subaru Outback 2.5i ($30,099): The Outback provides plenty of rear-seat and cargo space, a good ride, quiet cabin, and good fuel economy.

Honda Odyssey EX ($32,610): With its third-row fold-away seat, the Odyssey Ex is agile and precise, and the ride is steady and composed.

Ford Flex SEL ($38,460): The Flex combines the versatility of an SUV with the handling qualities of a sedan. It seats seven adults comfortably and offers a compliant, quiet ride.

Chevrolet Traverse LT ($39,920): Offering plenty of room for people and cargo, the Traverse has a comfortable third-row seat.

[Source: Consumer Reports]