New Subaru Ad Promotes Brand's Safety; Captures Teen's "First Time Out" Driving Moment

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic

We all have that one commercial that makes us tear up. We may not admit it, but every time it comes on, we stop what we’re doing and reach for a tissue. A new Subaru commercial falls into this category, and if you’re a parent, it will tug on your heartstrings more than just a little bit.

The TV ad, called “Baby Driver,” features a father handing over the car keys to his daughter as she sets off to drive alone for the first time. If you’ve ever watched your son or daughter pull out of the driveway for their first solo ride, we bet this ad will make you choke up. (Interesting side note: the two girls who star in the ad are real-life sisters and the “dad” is the real-life father to both girls.)

The ad starts with a six-year-old girl behind the wheel of a Subaru Legacy, while her father gives her the “safety talk” through the passenger side window. When he passes her the keys, we see that it’s really been a 16-year-old about to take her first ride alone, even though her Dad still sees her as his “little girl.”

And in a situation where life imitates art, Andy Lyons, who plays the concerned father, is experiencing this moment in his own life. “As father to both the girls, portraying those complex emotions on-screen was not a stretch for me. Having my first daughter, Lanna reach driving age and knowing that my second, Georgie, will be there all too soon, I understand the anxiety of handing over the keys for the first time.”

This ad is meant to spotlight the inherent safety of Subaru vehicles and the time in a teen’s life when they are responsible enough to take the family vehicle out on the road, as it tries to authentically portray that big moment. “When we found this family we threw out the script,” said Kevin Mayer, director of marketing communications, Subaru of America, Inc. “We simply asked the dad, what would you tell your daughter before she pulled away? The dad took it from there and he was perfect.”

Watch the video after the jump, and feel free to well up (we promise not to tell).

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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  • Shannonmcshan Shannonmcshan on May 14, 2012

    No matter how many times my husband and I of 31 years watch this, we love it and say so many times "daddy, okayyyy". I told him my next car is definitely a Subaru. We have three children and two grandchildren (29, 26, 19) (4,1) and that commercial brings back so many memories. It's so very sweet. I wish things were still that sweet and innocent. I guess they are!!!

  • FarRightGuy FarRightGuy on May 16, 2012

    Does this commercial contain a subliminal message? The young girl's shirt has red and white stripes while the older girls shirt has blue and white stripes. Is this to meanshe was a Republican in early life and grew up to become a Democrat? Why the change in colors?

    • Phill Phill on May 28, 2012

      Yes, it's to confuse you so the commies can take over your brain - though I can't see why they'd bother.