TechArt Releases Noselift System for Porsche Boxster, 911 and Cayman

TechArt Releases Noselift System for Porsche Boxster, 911 and Cayman

Obviously when it comes to modifying cars, there’s a different style and process to building and customizing each project. But at the top of almost everyone’s wish list is an aftermarket suspension, not only lowering the vehicle to give it a more aggressive stance, but to also improve its handling. There are major cons to lowering a vehicle though: a harsher ride and much less clearance between your car’s front bumper and hazards on the road. Those hazards mostly include those pesky curbs and speed bumps, causing us to take each at an angle and as slowly as possible.

Thankfully TechArt has been taking notes and listening to its customers’ demands. They have recently announced their Noselift System that will raise the front end of your Porsche close to 2.4-inch with a quick push of a button. The height adjustment is really quick and quiet, doing what it needs to do, when you need it.

And given TechArt’s track record with their products, we’ll assume it’s of utmost high quality. No pricing has been released yet.

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Parking garages, ramps, speed humps or curbs – for all Porsche Boxster and Cayman owners, the TECHART Noselift system makes such common obstacles a thing of the past. 60 mm of additional ground clearance at the front spoiler are provided at the push of a button to prevent grounding through hydraulic ride-height control at the front axle.

The TECHART Noselift System convinces among other things with the highest technical reliability, a trouble-free back fitting and a TÜV certification. Besides the perfect integration of the Noselift button in the vehicle – in the roof console at the Boxster and in the center console at the Cayman – EMC-safe electronic control units, vehicle-specific wiring harnesses as well as high-performance test procedures are part of the premium development process. Furthermore the Noselift System impresses with a rapid and a particularly silent height adjustment.

The TECHART Noselift System is available for the following Porsche models:

* Boxster/Boxster S * Cayman/Cayman S * 911 Carrera 4/Carrera 4S * 911 Turbo * 911 GT2 * 911 GT3/GT3 RS