Red Radio Flyer Wagon Offers Serious Speed for Grown Ups

Remember that little red wagon your mom used to pull you around in as a kid? Well, it’s been pimped out and is cool enough to take out for a spin now that you’re an adult.

The brainchild of Toby Hall, this Red Radio Flyer wagon was the result of watching a Home Improvement episode (starring Tim Allen).

This particular wagon was built on a full custom tube frame that gets its juice from a VW 1641 cc flat-four mill with a turbo off of a Renault 5. Because it’s so lightweight, this turbo wagons is going to be able to catch some serious speed, so fly down hills at your own risk (and remember, if you fall out and skin your knees, you’re too old to have your mom come over and kiss them better).

And this model still comes with a big silver handle out front. So, you can use it as a fully functional tow handle if the wagon is being towed by another vehicle (is this really a good idea?) or a simple hand pull if you run out of gas and need to tow it to the nearest service station.

[Source: Ride Lust]