Ford Expands Teen Driving Skills for Life Program to 15 More States

Ford is out to prove that it isn’t just about making cars – the Blue Oval also believes in teaching road safety, right from the start with the Ford Driving Skills for Life program.

And because of the company’s dedication to the program, Ford has just announced that it will be adding a $1 million investment in order to expand it to high schools in 15 states. Ford Driving Skills for Life, which teaches teens hands-on driving skills, is a free driver-education program that uses professional drivers to teach the classes in high school parking lots. To promote the program, Ford will take the show on the road this month and visit 30 high schools across the U.S., demonstrating the mad skills, which are supported by web-based training, students will learn.

It seems that programs like this should be utilized more, as stats show that car crashes are the number one killer of teens. Most of these crashes are caused due to inexperience, and this particular program focuses driver distraction, speed space management, vehicle handling, and hazard recognition (these four areas count for more than 60 percent of teen crashes).

The Ford Driving Skills for life program will extend to: Birmingham, Ala.; Little Rock, Ark.; Hartford, Conn.; Orlando and Tallahassee, Fla.; Atlanta; Shreveport, La.; Portland, Maine; Boston; Jackson, Miss.; Manchester, N.H.; Albany, N.Y.; Raleigh/Durham, N.C.; Providence, R.I.; Charleston, S.C.; and Burlington, Vt.

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