Kia Roadster Planned to Give Brand Youth Appeal


Kia is currently investigating a plan to bring a small two-seat roadster model to market to help set the tone for the brand. The car has even been called Kia’s MX-5 by company execs, including European CEO Paul Philpott.

According to Philpott 2011 and 2012 are all about setting a new foundation for the brand with solid volume models. Beyond that, he says the plan for 2013 and 2014 is to bring to market, “halo models that stretch the company forward.”

The aim is to solidify what the brand stands for, while setting it apart from parent-company Hyundai. Philpott intends to solidify the brand with a focus on youth.

Back in 2003 Kia showed-off the KCV III Concept (above), a wild-looking 4-seat roadster, a sign that the company has been looking at such a project for a very long time. Look for an all-new design for this new model, wearing Kia’s current corporate grille.

Additionally, Kia is reportedly planning a big change for the Soul, moving the car into a new space and giving it AWD. Such a change would likely position it against Nissan’s new Juke.

[Source: AutoExpress]