Team Lotus Looking To Buy Caterham

Earlier this year, Team Lotus, (a private company) has been in legal battle with Group Lotus (the manufacturer of Lotus cars) over the rightful use of the company’s name. Since the case is still in court, Lotus essentially has two teams in Formula-One at the moment.

Now news comes that Team Lotus wants to tie itself more closely with the Lotus brand by acquiring Caterham cars. As all car enthusiasts know, Caterham bought the manufacturing rights to continue producing the old Lotus 7 back in 1973 and ever since has been developing newer and faster versions of this basic sportscar.

If Team Lotus actually acquires Caterham cars, it will bring an interesting new twist to this automotive soap opera. Rumor is, a press conference will be held next week regarding this matter. We can’t wait to see this story unravel.

[Source: Autosport]