Is Lamborghini Building A 250 MPH Aventador?

Harry Lay
by Harry Lay

It looks as though Lamborghini maybe working on a very fast Aventador prototype. Spy shots have been taken of an Aventador sporting camouflage, fitted with Bugatti Veyron rims and tires.

The only other explanation is that Bugatti is preparing to use the Aventador’s platform for a new supercar of its own but this is quite unlikely. A stock Aventador features 19″ wheels in the front and 20″ wheels in the rear wrapped in 255mm and 355mm tires. The Bugatti is outfitted with 20″ in the front, 21″ in the rear with 265mm and 365mm tires.

This leads us to believe that the Aventador is using this type of hardware because the Lambo is being prepped for more power and needs the extra grip from the larger wheel and tire package The Aventador spotted is also sporting a modified rear end and a new dual exhaust, further strengthening this theory. The stock Aventador is powered by a new 6.5-liter V12 engine that cranks out 700-hp and tops out at 217 mph. The Aventador that was spotted with the makeover is believed to deliver up to 1000-hp and may be capable of hitting 400 km/h or around 248 mph.

[Source: Top Speed]

Harry Lay
Harry Lay

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  • Jeffrey Jeffrey on Aug 06, 2011

    When fast just isn't fast enough !

  • Charles Perry Charles Perry on Mar 02, 2012

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