Kia Sorento SUVs Recalled For Faulty Air Bag Issue

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
kia sorento suvs recalled for faulty air bag issue

10,631 Kia Sorento SUVs built between June 15th, 2006 and November 27th, 2007 will be recalled due to a faulty airbag issue where the passenger-side air bag may be turned off even when an adult is occupying the seat. Naturally, the Occupant Classification System is designed to be turned off when children or small adults are seated in the front passenger seat, but in the recalled models it can mistakenly classify an adult passenger as a child. If the air bag is deactivated, the light will illuminate on the center instrument panel.

The recall will have vehicle owners’ programming updated by Kia in the Sorento’s OCS module at no charge. Owners that are affected may contact Kia at 1-800-333-4542.

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  • Lauriehulett Lauriehulett on Apr 10, 2013

    In 2007 I bought a brand new Kia Sorento. Withina week I took it to the service department to fix the air bag problem, only to be told that my husband, who weighs no less than 165lb, was sitting in the seat wrong. Frankly, the service techs demonstration on how to properly sit in the seat was absurd. The passenger is expected towiggle into the seat to make their presence known to the sensor. Periodically, I would return to the service department,hoping that the manufacturer would eventuallyhave a recall, but after a couple of years, I gave up.We have had twoChevy's with seatsensors, but, never had a problem with them. I still own my Kia. Ionly recentlyread about the recall in the (Sunday, April 7) newspaper. According to this article, the recall has been in progress since September. I have yet to receive a phone call from the local dealership I purchased the vehicle from. They shouldknow this is an important issue for me, and have done nothing toensure the safety of my family and other passengers. Unprofessional isa mild term for this type of gross incompetence.

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    • Gail Gail on Apr 02, 2014

      sorry - I meant to say my Kia is a 2009 model...not 2014.