Toyota FT-86 Leaked Again: New Photos Slip Out Ahead of Tokyo Auto Show Debut

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Just a day after the first leaked photos of the Toyota FT-86, numerous other pictures of the highly-anticipated sports car have hit the net. Even juicier than the last time, these pics appear to be of the official production car, and not of the Modellista version.

Staying true to the design of the original concept, there are some more dramatic styling cues, particularly on the front of the car. The rear, however, is somewhat the opposite, losing some of the hard lines in favor of a more rounded end.

When it is officially unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show in late November, look for a 2.0-liter direct-injection 4-cylinder under the hood with a healthy 7500 rpm redline. Weighing close to 2500 lbs, expect a 0-60 mph time of 7.0 seconds. All models are expected to come from the factory with a push-button ignition and a limited slip differential.

Curious what it’s like to drive? Then read some of the first impressions here.

GALLERY: Toyota FT-86 Leaked

[Source: CarScoop]

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