Toyota FT-86 Production Version Won't Look Like the Concepts

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

When the production versions of the Toyota FT-86 and Subaru BRZ sports coupes are unveiled at this year’s Tokyo Auto Show neither could look anything like the concept cars we’ve been shown. That’s because according to one report both automakers have sworn to not reveal a single panel of production sheetmetal until the official debut. By default, that means everything we’ve seen up until this point will change. How significant the change, only time will tell.

Few details have been confirmed about either car, but what we do know is that the rear-drive machine will come powered by a direct-injection 4-cylinder boxer engine and is expected to deliver around 200-hp. A limited slip differential will come standard and the car is touted to have the lowest center of gravity of any production car.

Look for the U.S. market Scion FR-S to bow at the New York Auto Show several months later.

GALLERY: Toyota FT-86

[Source: CarAdvice]

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  • What is the source of this story? Seems very suspect.... I bet they are very close to the concepts that we are seeing.

  • Vip Vip on Oct 18, 2011

    I saw this story a while back, I am planning on getting this car, but I kind wish they didn't make it look so awesome in the concepts so the concept vehicle would be the actual. This car is so amazing though