Maserati Will Launch Three Products In Quick Succession – Sergio Marchionne

Danny Choy
by Danny Choy

Sergio Marchionne revealed Maserati‘s big plan to introduce three new products in quick succession during a recent interview at the CBI business conference held in London.

The three new vehicles are a replacement luxury sedan for the Quattroporte, a smaller Maserati four-door based on the Chrysler 300, and the Maserati Kubang SUV based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Marchionne explained the ambition behind the launch, saying, “Maserati will increase its volumes by having three cars… We are a bit secretive over what you get first because it has implications for the industrial footprint of the group.”

According to CAR magazine, it is likely that the first car launched will be the new Quattroporte. Marchionne also hinted that the smaller four-door will likely be built alongside the flagship luxury sedan, “You see, there is a site in Modena that makes the Quattroporte, there’s some debate what happens to that plant after Quattroporte. There is sufficient commonality in what we’re doing between the smaller car and the bigger one that we can do what we want.”

While some traditionalists may question the merits of a Maserati SUV, the Kubang is real. The new Kubang will be based on Grand Cherokee underpinnings and will likely be built in Jeep’s U.S. plant.

While a Chrysler-based Maserati sedan and SUV may not sound very appealing, Marchionne assures that the important bits will be thoroughly Italian with Ferrari/Maserati-based engines, suspensions, styling, and cabin furniture.

GALLERY: Maserati Kubang

[Source: CAR magazine]

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Danny Choy

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  • Jay barbeau Jay barbeau on Nov 28, 2011

    This is what you can do when you are using OLD technology that has been developed by companies you came into contact thru association only. Maserati will never be an innovator---only an imitation. And the people who buy these imitations are getting just that. $80K+ for a Chrysler???? Get out!!!!!