Dozens of Worried Chevy Volt Owners Have Requested Buy Backs

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

Despite GM recanting their statement that they’d buy back Chevy Volts from concerned customers, a couple dozen have come forward requesting buy backs of their plug-in hybrids.

The buy back statement originally came from GM CEO Dan Akerson, but GM’s PR department stepped in by backpedaling on that offer. Nonetheless, after receiving a couple dozen inquiries on the buy back program, GM says that they’ll ultimately buy back the Volts from any unhappy customers. Meanwhile, they’ll continue to urge current owners to take advantage of their loaner program.

The investigation into the fire is still ongoing, but neither GM nor NHTSA have reports of fires from actual customers. We’re still happy to see that GM’s actions will continue to be guided by their customers’ satisfaction.

[Source: Detroit News]

Jason Siu
Jason Siu

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  • Andrew peters Andrew peters on Dec 06, 2011

    Anyone that owns one should dump it immediately. Not safe. The government built it. Isn't that enough to convince you it's bad?

  • Kevin Kevin on Dec 07, 2011

    Andrew, so I should dump it immediately because you say it is built by the government? Are you merely showing your displeasure with the government for bailing out GM and other issues you may have with the government and economy, or do you really think that I should dump my Volt because you read something that you feel truly endangers me and the passengers of my vehicle? I would hope that before you tell someone to go waste money by "dumping" a vehicle, that you put some effort into learning the facts about the situation. I could go on and on about the politics inferred here, but let's keep it about the car. The facts are that 3 fires have occurred as a result of crash testing, and those tests were so extreme that the battery casing was compromised and caused the coolant which surrounds the battery elements to leak. After a significant amount of time had passed some of the residual coolant crystalized within the pack which allowed current to flow and generate enough heat to combust. Granted, this is not a good situation, but it has been blown way out of proportion. Not only would passengers have time to leave the vehicle or be rescued, the car would most likely be towed and sitting in another location. And now with the news surrounding the 3 fires being on every media outlet and GM taking a proactive role, the situation will be handled appropriately after a crash so that any potential for fires with consumer owned vehicle will be mitigated. Considering this information, the Volt is no more likely to catch fire or explode after and accident than any normal car. So, knowing the car battery is safe, and that it has received 5 star crash safety ratings, what is there to like about it? Well, coming from an 06' Infiniti M35, I am paying less per month even without the federal tax credit, this being due primarily to lower fuel costs, but also lower insurance premiums, and a better financing rate. It has plenty of off-the-line acceleration, can do 100 mph (though I will probably never see it as I never did in my M), can go 350 miles on a full charge and tank of gas, has every bell and whistle my M did and more (except for power/cooled seats), is so smooth to drive - like a luxurious, roomy, fast, comfortable, glorified golf-cart (in a good way), requires stopping to "fill up" much less often, has great aesthetics, and is American made. Notice I didn't say it is better for the environment? That is because I realize that is a topic with open debate, however in my case it is true because our power is supplied by a local nuclear plant, but it is not one of the things I push as positive because the other merits are more impressive to me. I have turned every nay-sayer I know into a believer after a discussion and a drive. Sure there are drawbacks - only 4 passenger, lacks luggage space, lower electric mileage in the cold, and no hitch to mount my mountain bike rack, but we have a second car which suits those needs and which has seen only about 150 miles to the > 3000 we put on the Volt in the past couple months. I would like to go on about the merits of the Volt but I really want to make the point that you should search out the true facts and become informed about a subject before you start giving advice or pushing your agenda. I hope you do the same type of research about everything in life and don't trust everything you read. You have a brain - use it.