Proton to Sell Lotus: Rumors Surface Once Again

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

The New Year may be just around the corner, but it’s never too early to spread some rumors. Proton Holdings is believed to be seriously considering the sale of their Lotus sports car division, a brand that has never made a profit for the Malaysian-based company.

Proton originally purchased the British sports car brand in 1996, but it seemed like a mismatch from the start. Proton specializes in manufacturing sedans and taxis in their home market while Lotus aspires to produce thrilling sports cars. Perhaps the goal was to have a more complete portfolio for Proton, but the lack of profits from Lotus has begun to take its toll.

Even with the new changes Lotus has been making – releasing the above City Car for example – it’s believed that the automaker won’t have the money to fund its future plans, which could be another reason for Proton to sell. There has been reports that China-based Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. and Luxembourg-based Genii Capital were interested in purchasing Lotus, but both have denied those rumors.

Last year Lotus only sold 1,985 vehicles. It is estimated that they need to sell around 8,000 to turn a profit – yikes.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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