Honda Civic Named Best Selling Car in Canada, 14 Years Running

Stephen Elmer
by Stephen Elmer

The Honda Civic continues to dominate the Canadian market as year after year it is the best selling passenger car in the country. For 14 years now Canadians have sworn by the Civic and rewarded Honda with the number one spot.

In 2011 Honda sold 55,090 Civics across the country. This number is especially impressive when you consider that Honda held the position of best selling car by a margin of 10,000 vehicles over its nearest competitor in 2011.

The CR-V also achieved top honors in Canada as it sold 25,076 units in the country which makes the CR-V the top selling import SUV in Canada.

Even though Honda is branded as an import, 96% of all Honda and Acura vehicles purchased in Canada last year were built in North American plants, which means that all of these ‘import’ sales helped the domestic economy.

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    Hey i gave a shot. They gave me a quick sale and withina month my car was sold.