Festivals of Speed Celebrates Odd Cars, Rare Cars

Festivals of Speed Celebrates Odd Cars, Rare Cars

Along with the exotics and modified machines on display at the Festivals of Speed, for the hardened auto enthusiast the show also packed numerous rare gems – like the Panoz Roadster above.

Other oddities included an ultra-tiny Messerschmitt KR200 and what is believed to be the only 1953 DKW Meister Klasse in the US. As you may be able to see from the four rings on the rear of the car, DKW was part of the German Auto Union, including four automakers that eventually merged to become what is now known as Audi.

Other highlights included a Jeepster, a Nash-Healey, a Lamborghini Jalpa, a Triumph TR8, an Alfa Romeo GTV6 and a Harley Davidson powered two-seater, three-wheel motorcycle called the V13R.

Enjoy all the wild and wackiness of the Festivals of Speed below.

GALLERY: Festive of Speed Odd Cars


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